Online File Analyzer


About us is a website that allows you to recognize the format of computer files and provides information about the programs that can open these files.
Currently, this site contains over 4000 described file extensions and recognizes almost 50 popular file formats based on their content.

How to use

· To recognize the format of the file from your computer or mobile device, press the Upload file for format recognition button and select the file to check. The first 20 bytes of file will be sent to the browser where an attempt will be made to recognize the file format.
· To show basic information about a file based on its name, enter the full file name or just the extension of the file in the File extension or file Name field and press the Look up button.
· To search our file formats database for file description and check the supporting program that can open and process thee file enter the file extension in the Filter the list field below.

List of file formats

Format / file extensionDescriptionSupporting program / comments
0Compressed harddisk dataDoubleSpace
1Roff/nroff/troff/groff source for manual page(Many programs)
1Fax(Many programs)
8A86 assembler source code file
16SYSLINUX Splash Screen GraphicSYSLINUX, XnView
7575×75 dpi display fontVentura Publisher
8585×85 dpi display fontVentura Publisher
9191×91 dpi display fontVentura Publisher
9696×96 dpi display fontVentura Publisher
123SpreadsheetLotus 1-2-3 version 9 and version 97
301FaxSuper FAX 2000 - Fax-Mail 96
386Windows virtual device driverWindows 3.x
386Intel 80386 processor driverWindows 3.x
55516 bit per pixel image file format (5bit per component)Sierra Entertainment
602Text (fairly simple format, plain text with binary control commands embedded within text lines and special formatting commands on dedicated lines)Text602 text processor by Software602
668Music (the mixing is always at 12048 Hz)
669Music (8 channels)The 669 Composer
890ScanTitling subtitle files
!QBUnfinished qBittorrent downloadqBittorrent
!UTUnfinished µTorrent downloadµTorrent
###Temporary fileProgram-dependent format
#24Printer data file for 24-pin matrix printerLocoScript
#IBPrinter data fileLocoScript
#NNPart of file imageLong
#SCPrinter data fileLocoScript
#STStandard mode printer definitionsLocoScript
$$$Temporary fileOS/2
$$$OS/2 archive file (i.e. archives$.$$, keys$.$$)OS/2
$?ZX Spectrum file in HOBETA format
$00Pipe fileDOS
$DBTemporary filedBASE IV
$EDEditor temporary fileMS C
$O1Pipe fileDOS
$VMVirtual manager temporary fileWindows 3.x
&01, &02, ETCHoldfast backup archive filesHoldfast
)2(LHA archiver temporary fileLHA
??$Backup fileOS/2
??_Microsoft packed fileExpand
?DKDisk imageLoaddskf.exe
?UTNonpacked FTN mail (? - flavor)µTorrent
@@@DOS 2.0 - 3.2 backup control fileDOS commands BACKUP and RESTORE
___Adinf tableAdinf
~$~Temporary file
~??Old Backup files (.MNU to .~MN)
~1~, ~2~, ETC.Backup file (name is constructed with numbered backup option by appending ~, the incremented number, and another ~ after the original name)
~HCardfile heapWatcom C/C++
001, 002, ...Split parts of a single whole fileFFSJ, HJSplit, JJSplit, split (Unix) (when using numeric suffixes)
0BPrinter font with lineDraw extended character setPageMaker
123DXCAD drawing fileAutodesk 123D design file, a ZIP file format package containing a .sat file and .png thumbnails.
15UPrinter font with PI font setPageMaker
1STUsually README.1ST text file
1TX1toX Logipole file
2GR286 Grabber FileWin
3DUniversal Combat 3D model fileUniversal Combat
3DDESRI ArcGlobe Document
3DMFQuickDraw 3D MetafileQuickDraw
3DS3D Studio Graphics format3D Studio
3DSXNintendo 3DS Homebrew File FormatNintendo 3DS Homebrew Launcher
3DTDatabase in which the meta-data of a 3D Topicscape is held3D Topicscape
3DV3-D wireframe graphics by Oscar Garcia3dv wireframe viewer
3FRHasselblad 3FR Raw Image
3GAMobile Phone Audio (Samsung)
3GPMobile Phone Video
3GPP3GPP Audio/Video File
3GRPlik 386 GrabberWin
3MF3MF 3D Manufacturing Format
3T4Binary file converter to ASCIIUtil3
4DB4D Structure File4D
4DD4D Data File4D
4DINDY4D Structure Index File4D
4MDMusical file
4SW4DOS Swap File4DOS
4THFORTH source code fileForthCMP - LMI Forth
6CMMusic (6 Channel Module)Triton FastTracker
7ZA compressed archive file format that supports several different data compression, encryption and pre-processing algorithms7-Zip
83PExecutable program for TI-83 Graphing CalculatorTI Connect
89PExecutable program for TI-89/89 Titanium Graphing CalculatorTI Connect
8BFAdobe Photoshop compatibile filters/plugins
8CMMusic (8 Channel Module)Triton FastTracker
8MPrinter font with Math 8 extended character setPageMaker
8SVXInterchange File Format 8-bit Sampled Voice
8UPrinter font with Roman 8 extended character setPageMaker
8XPExecutable program for TI-83/84 Plus Graphing CalculatorTI Connect
AADA source code fileUnix
A##AlZip Compressed Files' pieces
A11Graphics AIIM image file
A2WWorld file for Alice programming language, version 3.1
A80Assembler language source for 8080
AA, AB, ...Split parts of a single whole filesplit (Unix)
AACAdvanced Audio Coding, a standardized, lossy compression and encoding scheme for digital audio
AAEAAE Sidecar Format
AAFAutoPatcher file
AAFAdvanced Authoring Format, an advanced media wrapper file for professional applications
AASAnimation Play ScriptAAPlay
ABAndroid adb Backupadb
ABCMusic in ABC formatMany Computer Graphics tools, see Alembic (Computer Graphics) for a list.
ABCDocumentMany Computer Graphics tools, see Alembic (Computer Graphics) for a list.
ABCAlembic - 3D geometry / modelsMany Computer Graphics tools, see Alembic (Computer Graphics) for a list.
ABDQuicken Data File
ABFAdobe Binary Screen FontAdobe Systems Software
ABIFLifeTechnologies ABIF
ABKAutomatic backup fileCorelDRAW
ABMImage PALS album file
ABMAlbum file (various programs)
ABPAVS Barcode ProfileABComp compressed
ABPDataABComp compressed
ABRAdobe Brush file for PhotoShopPhotoShop
ABSAbstracts (info file)Abscissa
ABSData fileAbscissa
ABTVerity Collection Index About File
ABWAbiWord Document
ACProject backupAudit Command Language (ACL)
AC3Dolby Digital AC-3
ACAProjectProject Manager Workbench
ACCProgram (DR-DOS - ViewMax)GEM / resident
ACCDADataMicrosoft Access Database Wizard (Open XML)
ACCDBDataMicrosoft Access Database (Open XML)
ACCDEDataMicrosoft Access Database Wizard (Open XML)
ACCDTDataMicrosoft Access Database Template (Open XML)
ACCDUDataMicrosoft Access Database Wizard (Open XML)
ACCFTMicrosoft Access Data Type TemplateMicrosoft Access
ACFAdobe Custom Filter for PhotoShopPhotoShop
ACLProjectMicrosoft Office
ACLAutoCorrect ListMicrosoft Office
ACMAudio Compression Module add-onWin
ACMBGraphics file
ACOAdobe Color PaletteAdobe
ACSMAdobe Content Server Message File
ACTFoxDoc Action DiagramsAnimation Works
ACTPresentationAnimation Works
ACTACTOR source code fileAnimation Works
ACTAnimations Works Actor (Graphics cell)Animation Works
ACVPhotoshop Curve File
ADAfterDark screensaver moduleAfterDark
AD1AccessData Custom Content Image
AD2ADPCM 2-bit compressed voice fileZFAX
AD3ADPCM 3-bit compressed voice fileZFAX
AD4AccessData Custom Content Image
AD5AccessData Custom Content Image
ADAAda source code file
ADBAda Package Body
ADCBitmap graphics (16 colors)Scanstudio
ADDOS/2 adapter device driver
ADEFLegato Application build tools mkapp and mksys
ADFAmiga Disk FileunADF, UAE, WinUAE etc...
ADGDataADG 3D Scene
ADIDatabase TableAutoCAD
ADIDatabase Memo FileAutoCAD
ADIDatabase Index FileAutoCAD
ADIGraphics fileAutoCAD
ADICHTLabChart data acquisition fileADInstruments
ADLADONIS Definition Language file for exporting models and model groupsQEMM
ADLMCA adapter description libraryQEMM
ADMAfter Dark support fileADEM
ADMADEM file formatADEM
ADNAdd-inLotus 1-2-3
ADRAfter Dark support fileAfterDark
ADSAda Package Specification
ADTDictionaryHealthcare providers in Germany
ADTWoW geographical map location fileHealthcare providers in Germany
ADTDatafile for cardfile applicationHealthcare providers in Germany
ADTFaxHealthcare providers in Germany
ADTAbrechnungsdatentransfer, an xDT applicationHealthcare providers in Germany
ADVGUS device
ADXDocumentArchetype Designer
ADZAmiga Disk Zipped (See Amiga Disk File)GZip
AEPAfter Effects Project FileAdobe After Effects
AESFile encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)AES Crypt (Windows, Mac, Linux, Java) and Crypt4All (Android)
AF2FlowchartABC FlowCharter 2.0
AF3FlowchartABC FlowCharter 3.0
AFCApple Sound
AFFAdvanced Forensic Format
AFITruevision bitmap graphics
AFLFont file (for Always)Lotus 1-2-3
AFMType 1 font metric ASCII data for font installerHP NewWave
AFMDatafile for cardfile applicationHP NewWave
AFPShape paletteABC FlowCharter
AFTTemplateABC FlowCharter 3.0
AFWWorkplaceABC FlowCharter 3.0
AGRArcView ASCII grid
AHKAutoHotkey script fileAutoHotkey
AIAdobe Illustrator ArtworkAdobe Illustrator
AIFCAudio Interchange File Format with Compression
AIFFAudio Interchange File FormatConvert (c) Villena
AIHESRI Shapefile Header Index
AIMAsm Text Mode Image FileThe Ultimate Draw
AINJob scheduleAIN
AIOAPL programming language file transfer format file
AIRAdobe AIR installation packageThe Adobe AIR runtime environment
AISArray of Intensity Samples graphics fileXerox
AIXDatafile for cardfile applicationHP NewWave
AKM"Akai Multitimbral" sample information fileAkai S5000 and S6000 hardware samplers (MS-DOS-based) and compatible software samplers
AKP"Akai Program" sample information fileAkai S5000 and S6000 hardware samplers (MS-DOS-based) and compatible software samplers
ALCMolecular coordinatesAlchemy, RasMol
ALEAvid Log Exchange (used in film & video editing)Avid
ALISAP Document
ALLArts & Letters symbol and font filesFRQView
ALLFormat file for working pagesFRQView
ALLGeneral printer informationFRQView
ALLFilelist w/ all filesFRQView
ALOAlmanac support file
ALTMenu fileWordPerfect Library
ALZAlZip Compressed Files
AMDMaxum chromatograph offline databaseSiemens Maxum Chromatograph
AMFMusic (Advanced Module Format)DMP
AMGSystem image fileAMGC
AMLAutomationMLAutomationML Group
AMLXCompressed and packed AutomationML fileAutomationML Group
AMPLAMPL source code fileAMPL
AMRAudio format for mobile phones (Nokia, SonyEricsson)
AMSAdobe Monitor Setup calibration file
AMSMusic format
ANBi2 Analysts Notebook
ANIAnimation cursors for WinIconAuthor
ANIMTrainz Animation specification file, for example a steam locomotive's connecting rod movements, or water movement on a river or lake motion. (Obsolescent)Trainz/Auran JET files
ANMAnimationDeluxe Paint Animator
ANNMulti volume ARJ archiveWindows 3.0 - XP
ANNAnnotations of old Windows Help fileWindows 3.0 - XP
ANSASCII text ANSI character setANSView
ANSANSI character graphics (animation) fileANSView
AOLAmerica On-line for Windows DLLWin
AOSAdd-On SoftwareNokia 9000
APCPrinter driverLotus 1-2-3
APDPrinter driverLotus 1-2-3
APEMonkey's Audio (Lossless)audio media players
APFPrinter driverLotus 1-2-3
APIPrinter driverPhotoShop
APIPassed parameter filePhotoShop
APIAdobe Printer Ink file for PhotoShopPhotoShop
APKAndroid ApplicationAndroid
APLAPL work space format file
APLEV-Dos Application File
APLSupport module used by Manugraphics APL products
APMAuthorware MacintoshAuthorware
APNGAnimated Portable Network Graphics
APPExecutable workflow / macro fileFoxPro
APPGenerated applicationFoxPro
APPExecutable application fileFoxPro
APPApplication object fileFoxPro
APPApplication and Application BundleFoxPro
APPAdd-in application fileFoxPro
APREmployee performance reviewEmployee Appraiser
APTLotus Approach View File
APWAuthorware WindowsAuthorware
APXAppexpert database fileBorland C++ 4.5
AQFAnalyzer Queries and FiltersActix
ARArgon - for 3D ModelingAshlar-Vellum
ARCNintendo proprietary archive formatARC - PKARC/PKXARC - PKPAS - PKUNPAK - QUARK
ARDMapHolux - Alan
ARFAutomatic Response File
ARHArchivers definitions fileDN
ARKManaging your Money Archive FileQUARK
ARRArrangementAtari Cubase
ARTGerber artworkPFS:1st publisher - Art Import
ARTGraphics (scrapbook)PFS:1st publisher - Art Import
ARTGraphics format (Another Ray Tracer)PFS:1st publisher - Art Import
ARTFirst Publisher, Designworks, Greenstreet Draw graphic filePFS:1st publisher - Art Import
ARTXfile formatArtisteer
ARTXfile formatArtisteer
ARWSony RAW Image File
ASApplixware Spreadsheet
ASAXASP Application Directive File
ASCTransport armor file
ASCASCII text file
ASCXASP Control Directive File
ASDSpectral Data SetMicrosoft Word
ASDScreen driverMicrosoft Word
ASDPresentationMicrosoft Word
ASDAutosave fileMicrosoft Word
ASEVelvet Studio Sample3D Studio
ASEASCII Scene Export3D Studio
ASFDatafile (APL Shared File)Lotus 1-2-3
ASFAdvanced Streaming Format (Compressed Windows audio/video)Lotus 1-2-3
ASFScreen fontLotus 1-2-3
ASHAssembly language header fileTASM 3.0
ASIASIC language sourceTurbo C - Borland C++
ASIAssembler include fileTurbo C - Borland C++
ASKSYSGEN answer fileRT-11
ASMAssembler language sourceTASM, MASM, NASM, Yasm, FASM
ASMXASP.NET Web ServiceMicrosoft Corporation
ASOAssembler object (object-oriented) fileTurbo Assembler
ASPActive Server Pages of Microsoft.Net
ASPASPECT source code file
ASPAssociation of Shareware Professionals OMBUDSMN.ASP notice
ASPXActiveX Server Pages of Microsoft.NetMicrosoft Corporation
ASSAdvanced SubStation Alpha (Subtitles)
ASSAmalgam Scene Specification
ASTNintendo proprietary music streaming formatPhotoShop
ASTAdobe Color Separation table for PhotoShopPhotoShop
ASVAutosave FileMATLAB
ASWAuthorware StarAuthorware
ASXAdvanced Stream Redirector file, redirects to an ASF file (see ASF)Microsoft Corporation
AT2Auto templateAldus Persuasion 2.0
AT3Atrac 3 Sound/music fileAll Sony devices and programs with the Atrac 3+ specification
ATFPhotoshop Curve File
ATMAdobe Type Manager data/info
ATNAdobe Photoshop actionAdobe Photoshop
ATTFAramOS TypeAtor Text FileAramOS TypeAtor 1.0 (Development State)
ATYProduced when an association type is exported by 3D Topicscape3D Topicscape
AUSun/NeXT/DEC Audio fileSun Microsystems - Convert (c) Villena
AUSound (audio) fileSun Microsystems - Convert (c) Villena
AUDAudio fileAudioRack
AUPAudacity project fileAudacity
AUSKedit AutoSave fileKedit
AUXAuxiliary dictionaryTeX/LaTeX
AUXAuxiliary referencesTeX/LaTeX
AUZAbleton Live FileAuthorization File for Ableton Live
AVBAntiViral Toolkit Pro Bases
AVGDigital Terrain Elevation Data
AVIAudio Video Interleaved animation fileVideo for Windows
AVRAudio Visual ResearchAWAVE
AVSAudio Video SoftwareAVS Video Editor (video editing software)
AVTAVATAR-coding filesA3E
AWProprietry Nintendo wave formatHP AdvanceWrite
AWText fileHP AdvanceWrite
AWAAnimations Works Accelerated MovieAnimation Works
AWBAdaptive Multi-Rate Wideband Audio
AWDMicrosoft Fax At Work DocumentMicrosoft Fax At Work
AWKAWK script/programawk, GNU Awk, mawk, nawk, MKS AWK, Awka (compiler)
AWMAnimations Works Movie (as .AVI)Animation Works
AWTAbiWord Document Template
AXDirectshow filter file format
AXDAXD HTTP Handler File
AXF"lightweight geodatabase" ESRI ArcPad
AXFARM Executable Image generated by the ARM toolsESRI ArcPad
AXMAxmedis objectAxmedis Tools
AZDAmazon Software DownloadAmazon Software Download
AZWDRM enabled eBookAll models of Amazon Kindle
AZW1DRM enabled eBook with embedded fontsAll models Amazon Kindle
AZW2Program fileAll models of Amazon Kindle excluding Kindle 1
AZZData fileAZZ Cardfile
BGrand Theft Auto saved gameAny of the 3D Grand Theft Auto games in either III or IV era.
BBatch listAny of the 3D Grand Theft Auto games in either III or IV era.
B&WMono binary screen imageatari - mac
B&WBlack and white graphics fileatari - mac
B_WBlack and white graphics fileAtari - mac
B1Archive file formatB1 Free Archiver
B1NBoth mono and color binary screen image1st Reader
B30Printer font (JLaser - Cordata)Corel Ventura Publisher
B3DBlitz3D filesBlitz3D
B8Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane twoPicLab
BABinary ArchiveScifer Archiver and Compression [External Header Mode]
BADBad fileNovalogic
BADFile which covers bad blocks on disk volume (not to be moved)Novalogic
BADAnimation fileNovalogic
BAKBackup file
BALMusic scoreBallade
BALANCEBalance accounting sheet fileBalance
BAPBlaze Audio Wave Information FileBlazeAudio MadCap Software
BARHorizontal bar menu object fileIBM WebSphere Message Broker
BARInfo Bar for GFX2EXEIBM WebSphere Message Broker
BARBroker Archive. Compressed file containing number of other files for deployment.IBM WebSphere Message Broker
BASBASIC language sourceQuickBASIC - GW-BASIC - FreeBASIC
BATBatch fileMS-DOS, RT-11
BBDatabase backupPapyrus Design Group
BBLBibliographic reference fileTeX/BibTeX
BBMBrushDeluxe Paint
BBQBitBeamer Transfer Queue fileBitBeamer
BBSBulletin Board System announce or text info fileFTN software
BBSHudson-style messagebaseFTN software
BC!Unfinished downloadUnfinished BitComet download (a BitTorrent client)
BCDBoot Configuration DataWindows Vista and later, Registry Editor
BCFCard dataBingo Card Creator
BCHBatch process object fileDatalex EntryPoint 90
BCHDatafileDatalex EntryPoint 90
BCOOutline font descriptionBitstream Inc.
BCPBorland C++ makefile
BCTBackup dictionaryClarion
BCWEnvironment settingsBorland C++ 4.5
BDBBookends databaseBookends
BDEFBuilder DefinitionWebsphere Portlet Factory
BDFDatafileBUPDATE.EXE (c) TNT Techn.
BDFAdobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution FormatBUPDATE.EXE (c) TNT Techn.
BDFBitmap Distribution Format font fileBUPDATE.EXE (c) TNT Techn.
BDFBinary update fileBUPDATE.EXE (c) TNT Techn.
BDMVBlu-ray Video Data Content fileMedia players / software that supports Blu-ray structure
BDRBorderMicrosoft Publisher
BDTDictionaryHealthcare providers in Germany
BDTBehandlungsdatentransfer, an xDT applicationHealthcare providers in Germany
BEFBleck Encrypted File
BEMBIM Cost estimating fileBIMestiMate
BEZOutline font descriptionBitstream
BFBrainfuck sourcefile
BF2Bradford 2 font
BFCBriefcase Win95Win95
BFMFont metricsunix/Frame
BFSBinary File Storage
BGABitmap graphics
BGIBorland Graphics Interface device driverTurbo C - Turbo Pascal
BHBlackholedata compression format
BIBASIC include fileVisual Basic - FreeBASIC
BIBBibliography (ASCII)Papyrus
BIBLiterature databasePapyrus
BIBDatabase - not compatible with TeX formatPapyrus
BIFBinary Image Format b&w graphics fileImage Capture board
BIKBink Video file (RAD Video)
BIK2Bink Video Format
BILWESRI World File Format
BIMBuilding Information ModelingArchiCAD / Autodesk Revit
BINText mode memory dump
BINSGI Powerflip
BINBinary file, usually zero-start (.com analog)
BIOBioniX Wallpaper playlist file
BITBitmap X11
BK!Document backupWordPerfect for Win
BK?Backup fileWordPerfect for Win
BK2Bink Video Format
BKCBackup catalogBackup4all
BKFBackup archiveWindows NTBackup Utility
BKNTimed backup file for document window nWordPerfect for Win
BKNASBKNAS Seismic Data Format
BKPBackup fileWrite - TurboVidion DialogDesigner
BKWMirror image of font setFontEdit
BLDBLoaDable pictureRT-11
BLDSYSGEN Build procedure fileRT-11
BLENDBlender3D Project FileBlender
BLKTemporary fileWordPerfect for Win
BLOBUnknownSteam (software) for Win
BLPBlizzard Game PictureBlizzard Entertainment games (various)
BLWESRI World File Format
BMBitMap graphics file
BM3UIQ3 Phone backup
BMDNintendo proprietary 3D model fileVarious Nintendo games
BMKBookmark of old Windows Help fileWindows 3.0 - XP
BMPOS/2 or Win graphics format (BitMap Picture)QPeg - CorelDraw - PC Paintbrush - many
BMPWbitmap world-file - geo-references info
BMSNintendo proprietary MIDI tracker formatVarious Nintendo games
BMTAmi Pro ButtonAmi Pro
BNADataAtlas Boundary
BNKAdlib instrument bank file
BNRGraphics BannerBanner - Poster
BOBFile archive for Lego Island 2Lego Island 2
BODStores paths to game files in a BOB archiveLego Island 2
BOKShamela Library bookShamela Library Program
BOOBoo programming language source filemsbooasm.arc
BOOCompressed file ASCII archive created by BOO (msbooasm.arc)msbooasm.arc
BOTBot files, these go with JKB filesQuake 3 Engine
BOXLotus Notes File
BP2AutoCAD Batch Plot File
BP3AutoCAD Batch Plot File
BPCChartBusiness Plan Toolkit
BPGBetter Portable Graphics
BPLAutoCAD Batch Plot File
BPOLY3D objectPrisms binary 3D object
BPPBackup applicationClarion
BPSMicrosoft Works Document
BPTBitmap fills fileCorelDRAW
BPWBitser proprietary encrypted password fileBitser password manager
BPXTruevision TGA Bitmap
BRDEagle Layout FileCadence
BRDTanzzle board fileCadence
BRDCadence Allegro board fileCadence
BRFBrailleBraille embossers and refreshable displays
BRKThe Brake! Mailer REXX scriptBrooktrout Fax-Mail
BRKFaxBrooktrout Fax-Mail
BRLCADBallistic Research Laboratory CAD
BSBoot sector fileSYSLINUX
BSCCompressed Apple II file archive created by BINSCIISource Browser
BSCPwbrmake object fileSource Browser
BSCDatabaseSource Browser
BSPid Tech map filesValve Corporation
BSPGoldSource/Source engine map filesValve Corporation
BSSboot sector (DOS) filePC-LINK
BSSCasio Phone basePC-LINK
BSTBiblioTex file (BiblioTex=bibliography file)TeX
BSYBusy flagFTN soft
BTMBatch-to-memory (quick batch)4dos -ndos
BTNMakeover Button file
BTRBtrieve Database
BTWESRI World File Format
BTXbackup of 4DOS batch files (_4INST.BTM)4DOS
BUFRBinary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data
BUGBugs and Problems
BUNLucasArts Bundle File
BUPBackup file
BUTButton definitionsButtons!
BUYDatafile formatmovie
BVFBIM model file formatBIM Vision
BVNOverflow file below insert point in Doc nWordPerfect for Win
BWSilicon Graphics Image
BWBSpreadsheet applicationVisual Baler
BWRBeware (buglist)Kermit
BXYNuFile Exchange Archival Library
BYKBYK Compressed FileBYK
BZBZIP Compressed Archive
BZNMap fileStar Trek Armada II Fleet Operations map file
CC language sourceCOMPACT
CUnix file archiveCOMPACT
C--C-- language sourceSphinx C--
C++C++ language source
C00Print fileVentura Publisher
C01Typhoon wave filesAWAVE
C32COMBOOT Executable (32-bit)SYSLINUX
C4DCinema 4D
C86C source code fileComputer Innovation C86
CAInitial cache data for root domain serversTelnet
CA?Borland packed and split fileBorland Installer
CABWin 95 packed fileWin 95
CACdBASE IV executable when caching on/off (see cachedb.bat)
CADDrawingDrafix Windows CAD
CADDocumentDrafix Windows CAD
CAFApple Core Audio Format
CALCalendar fileSuperCalc
CALSpreadsheet formatSuperCalc
CALSComputer Aided Acquisition and Logistics
CALSSupport Raster Format
CAMCasio Camera
CANFaxNavigator Fax
CAPCaptionProComm - Telix
CAPCapture fileProComm - Telix
CAPTUREPhase One Raw Image
CASC + ASM language sourceTurbo C
CATDevice driver digital signatureCP Backup - dBASE IV
CATStellarium Star CatalogueCP Backup - dBASE IV
CATCatalogCP Backup - dBASE IV
CATSCombined sourceATS
CBASource codeCreative BASIC
CBCFuzzy logic systemCubiCalc
CBDMapBrowser/MapWriter Vector Map Data
CBLCOBOL source code file
CBMCompiled bitmap graphicsXLib
CBRComic Book Reader (RAR file)CDisplay and similar
CBSMasterWord button bar configuration file
CBTComputer Based TrainingSYSLINUX
CBTCOMBOOT Executable (incompatible with DOS COM files)SYSLINUX
CBZComic Book Reader (ZIP file)CDisplay and similar
CCC++ source code fileCC
CCCC language sourceCC
CCCBitmap graphics (native format)Curtain Call
CCDtext metadata for CD/DVD imagesCloneCD Control File
CCECalendar Creator Plus Data File
CCFCommunications configuration fileSymphony
CCFColor Chat fileSymphony
CCITTCCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
CCLCommunication Command Language fileIntalk
CCOBTX Graphics fileXBTX
CCTPrint TemplateBobCAD-CAM
CDCD descriptionDN
CD5Chasys Draw image file
CDBMain databaseCardScan
CDBCard databaseCardScan
CDFCompany Data File
CDFComputable Document Format
CDFCommon Data Format
CDFCyberspace Description Format
CDKDocumentAtari Calamus
CDMDisk Drivers NPA
CDMMusic format (compressed)
CDOMusic notationCc,rrescendo Music Notation Editor
CDRVector graphics format (drawing)CorelDraw!
CDTCorel Draw Template FileCorelDraw!
CDXCompound index fileVisual FoxPro, Advantage Database Server
CEComputer EyesConversion Artist
CEMain.ceConversion Artist
CEBCont. Edge BitmapConversion Artist
CEFExport FileCA Clipper
CEFCA-Clipper Workbench ApplicationCA Clipper
CEFCompact Embedded FontCA Clipper
CEGBitmap graphicsTempra Show - Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics
CELGraphics3D Studio
CELAnimation CEL3D Studio
CFConfiguration fileimake
CFAAudio fileAdobe Premiere Pro
CFCColdFusion ComponentAdobe ColdFusion
CFGConfiguration file
CFMColdFusion Markup LanguageAdobe ColdFusion
CFNFont dataAtari Calamus
CFOC Form Object internal format object fileTCU Turbo C Utilities
CFPFaxThe Complete Fax Portable
CFTCFast graphics fileDisney Animation Studio
CGACGA display fontVentura Publisher
CGICommon Gateway Interface script
CGMComputer Graphics Metafile vector graphicsA&L - HG - many
CHClipper language headerCA Clipper
CH3ChartHarvard Graphics 3.0
CH4PresentationCharisma 4.0
CHDFont descriptorFontChameleon
CHIChiWriter DocumentChiWriter - Chiview
CHKTemporary fileDOS CHKDSK
CHKRecovered dataDOS CHKDSK
CHLConfiguration History Log
CHMCompiled Help FileMicrosoft Windows, Help Explorer Viewer
CHMLEncrypted Data FileKrasbit Technologies, Chameleon Imaging Workflow Software
CHNDataEthnograph 3
CHPChapter fileVentura Publisher
CHRCharacter setTurbo C - Turbo Pascal
CHTInterface file for ChartMastermany
CHTCHeaT in any program/gamemany
CHWMicrosoft Compiled HTML Help
CIANintendo 3DS importable archiveNintendo 3DS
CIFCrystallographic Information FileVentura Publisher
CIFCaltech Intermediate Format graphics fileVentura Publisher
CIFChapter informationVentura Publisher
CIMC Text Mode Image FileThe Ultimate Draw
CINOS/2 Change Control File
CIXDatabase indexTCU Turbo C Utilities
CKBBorland C++ 4.x editor keystroke mappingBCW.EXE
CLCOMMON LISP source code file
CLASSJava class fileJava
CLDClipper debugger configuration fileCA Clipper
CLJClojure source codeClojure
CLKCorel R.A.V.E.
CLPClipboard filePCPAINT/Pictor
CLPCompiler response filePCPAINT/Pictor
CLPClip art graphics filePCPAINT/Pictor
CLPGraphics formatPCPAINT/Pictor
CLPIClipAV Clip Information file for Blu-rayMedia hardware / software with Blu-ray structure support
CLPRJClassicLadder project fileClassicLadder
CLRColor schemePhotostyler
CLRPalette file for GIS formatPhotostyler
CLRColor definitionsPhotostyler
CLRColor binary screen imagePhotostyler
CLSC++ class definition file
CLWMFC Class Wizard informationMicrosoft VC++
CMData fileCraftMan
CMBXtree for Windows Button Bar file
CMDexecutable programsdBASE - Waffle
CMDCommand Prompt batch filedBASE - Waffle
CMDOS/2 batch/REXX filedBASE - Waffle
CMDExternal command menudBASE - Waffle
CMDCommanddBASE - Waffle
CMFFM-music file (Creative Music File)
CMKCardCard Shop Plus
CMLChemical Markup Language
CMMCMM script (batch) fileCEnvi
CMPUser dictionary
CMPHeader file for PostScript printer files
CMPBitmap graphics (Lead CMP compression)
CMPPKWare Inc. data compression library
CMPPhotofinish Calibration Map
CMRCoach 7 project fileCoach 7
CMRLConcise message routing languageDOTGO
CMSContent Management SystemAny Web Browser
CMUCarnegie Mellon University Formats
CMVAnimation (CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0)CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0
CMXCorel Presentation Exchange File
CNCCNC general program data
CNDSystem generation conditional fileRT-11
CNFConfiguration fileprogram - printer setup
CNFConfiguration (program - printer setup)program - printer setup
CNTcontents table of old Windows Help fileWindows 3.0 - XP
CNVWinword DLL used as part of an import operation (CNV=converter)WordPerfect for Win
CNVTemporary fileWordPerfect for Win
COCobalt - parametric drafting and 3D modelingAshlar-Vellum
COBCOBOL source code file
COBCalgari trueSpace2 File Format
CODCode definition tableForecast Plus - Microsoft Multiplan - StatPac Gold
CODProgram compiled codeForecast Plus - Microsoft Multiplan - StatPac Gold
CODTemplate source fileForecast Plus - Microsoft Multiplan - StatPac Gold
CODVideotext fileForecast Plus - Microsoft Multiplan - StatPac Gold
CODfile including CODES for any program/gameForecast Plus - Microsoft Multiplan - StatPac Gold
CODPrinter code definition fileForecast Plus - Microsoft Multiplan - StatPac Gold
CODDatafileForecast Plus - Microsoft Multiplan - StatPac Gold
COECoefficient fileXilinx ISE
COFAnimation Control FileDiablo II
COFFEECoffeeScript source code file
COLColor paletteMicrosoft Multiplan
COLDIMACS graph data stores a single undirected graph (text and binary variants)Microsoft Multiplan
COLSpreadsheetMicrosoft Multiplan
COMCommand (memory image of executable program)RT-11
COMIndirect command file (sequence of commands to be executed)RT-11
CONMSTS Consist fileSimdir
CONConfiguration fileSimdir
CONTACTContact fileWindows
CPCCompressed imageCartesian Perceptual Compression
CPDScriptComplaints Desk
CPFFaxThe Complete Fax
CPIMS-DOS codepage file
CPIVideo clip information file
CPIColorLab Processed Image bitmapped graphics file
CPLPresentationCOPLEY.EXE (Copley Scientific Ltd)
CPLControl panel fileCOPLEY.EXE (Copley Scientific Ltd)
CPLcopley fileCOPLEY.EXE (Copley Scientific Ltd)
CPMZConPro/Miradi ZipfileMiradi and ConPro
CPPC++ language sourceCA-Cricket Presents
CPPPresentationCA-Cricket Presents
CPRCubase Project FileSteinberg Cubase
CPRKnowledge AccessSteinberg Cubase
CPSbackup of startup files by QEMM (?) autoexec.cps
CPTEncrypted memo fileCOMPACT PRO
CPTMac file archiveCOMPACT PRO
CPXCorel CMX Compressed
CPZMusic text fileCOMPOZ
CQLCypher Query Language
CR2Raw image formatCanon digital cameras
CRAAdvanced crack file (usually text)
CRAMCRAM File Format
CRDMolecular coordinatesWindows 3.x - YourWay
CRDMapWindows 3.x - YourWay
CRDCardfileWindows 3.x - YourWay
CRDOWNLOADGoogle Chrome download in progressGoogle Chrome
CRFCross-referenceMicrosoft MASM - Zortech C++, RT-11 CREF
CRKCrack file (usually text)
CRPEncrypted databasedBASE IV
CRSFile Conversion ResourceWordPerfect 5.1
CRTTerminal settings informationOracle
CRUCompressed file archive created by CRUSH
CRWCrossWords document file
CSC# source fileC#
CSDCompact Shared DocumentDream To Reality
CSGBatch file (Submit)ISIS/w
CSMBorland C++ 4.x precompiled header fileBCW.EXE
CSPPC Emcee Screen Image fileComputer Support Corporation
CSScascading style sheetStatistica/w
CSVComma Separated Values text file format (ASCII)CompuShow
CSVAdjusted EGA/VGA paletteCompuShow
CTScitex Continuous Tone Bitmap
CTBAutoCAD Colour-Dependant Plot Style Table
CTCControl filePC Installer
CTFCharacter code translation fileSymphony
CTKCommonTime Key fileCommonTime software applications
CTLBATCH control file (generated by BATCH from .BAT file)dBASE IV - Aldus Setup
CTLControl filedBASE IV - Aldus Setup
CTTBATCH Temporary fileRT-11
CTXCourse TeXt fileCreativyst Table eXchange
CTXCiphertext fileCreativyst Table eXchange
CTXdocumentCreativyst Table eXchange
CUECue Sheet
CUFC Utilities Form definitionTCU Turbo C Utilities
CURWindows resource (cursor image file)Resource Workshop - WRT - Watcom Resource Editor
CUSAutoCAD Custom Dictionary
CUTGraphics format (bitmapped graphics)dr. Halo
CV4Color fileCodeView
CVPCover pageWinFax
CVTBackup file for CONVERTed database filedBASE IV
CVWColor fileCodeView
CWKDatafileClarisWorks, Appleworks
CXXC++ source code fileZortech C++
CYSCytoscape session fileCytoscape
DD Programming Language source fileDMD
D3VVideo fileNintendo DS (with ARME, MMCF etc.)
D4DDataDraw 4D object
D4PDataDraw 4D Pro object
D64Commodore 64 disk image
D88Toshiba Pasopeia D88 disk image formatA series of emulators of Japanese computers
DAADirect Access Archive
DAFData fileDigital Anchor
DATDocumentSiemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATVideo CD MPEG streamSiemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATAMPL data fileSiemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATData file in special format or ASCIISiemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATDatabase fileSiemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATOptical disc image (can be ISO9660, but not restricted to)Siemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATMinecraft game dataSiemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATWindows registry hive (REG.DAT Windows 3.11; USER.DAT and SYSTEM.DAT Windows 95, 98, and ME; NTUSER.DAT Windows NT/2000/XP/7)Siemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATNorton Utilities disc image data. It saves Boot sector, part of FAT and root directory in image.DAT on same drive.Siemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATdataSiemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATMaxum chromatograph chromatogramSiemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATLDraw (Sub)Part File, 3D ModelSiemens Maxum Chromatograph
DATSDynamic sourceATS
DAVProprietary DVR formatRecorded encrypted video from digital video recorders DVR365 or AlienDVR series
DBDatabase filedBASE IV - dBFast
DBMulti Edit configdBASE IV - dBFast
DBConfigurationdBASE IV - dBFast
DB$Temporary filedBASE
DB$Temperature debug infodBASE
DB2DatabasedBASE II
DB3DatabasedBASE III
DBADatabase file
DBADarkBasic source code
DBCDataBaseContainerVisual FoxPro
DBDDebug infoBusiness Insight
DBDBusiness dataBusiness Insight
DBFDatabase filedBASE III/IV - Visual FoxPro - dBFast - DataBoss - DBVista - CA-Clipper - Visual Objects - Alaska Xbase++ -
DBFDatabase filedBASE III/IV - Visual FoxPro - dBFast - DataBoss - DBVista - CA-Clipper - Visual Objects - Alaska Xbase++ -
DBFXDevBox Database FilePudince Devbox
DBGSymbolic debugging informationDOS debug - Watcom debugger
DBGDebugger scriptDOS debug - Watcom debugger
DBKDatabase backupdBASE IV
DBLDIBOL source file
DBMMenu templateDataEase
DBOCompiled programdBASE IV
DBPRODarkBasicPro Project
DBQAutoCAD dbConnect Query Set
DBSPrinter description file
DBSData file used by Managing Your Money
DBSDatabase in SQL Windows format
DBTMemo file for database w/same nameFoxPro 2.x
DBTFoxBASE+ style memoFoxPro 2.x
DBWWindows fileDataBoss
DBXArchive FileAutoCAD
DBXAutoCAD DatabaseAutoCAD
DCCAD drawing fileDesignCAD 3000 for Windows
DC2DesignCAD Drawing
DC6Image fileDiablo II
DCADocument Content Architecture text fileIBM DisplayWrite
DCCAnimationDiablo II
DCDCAD Drawing FileDesignCAD 3DMax for Windows
DCFfloppy disk imageDisk Copy Fast
DCHSchematic Drawing fileDipTrace Schematic Capture
DCIDreamcast Save FileDreamcast
DCLDelphi Control LibraryBorland Delphi
DCMDCM music moduleAWAVE
DCPOS/2 device code pageOS/2
DCRKodak Digital Camera Raw Image File
DCSBitmap graphics (CYMK format)QuarkXPress
DCTDictionary: used by many programs with program dependent formatVisual FoxPro
DCTSpell checking dictionaryVisual FoxPro
DCTDataBaseContainer ExtensionVisual FoxPro
DCUDelphi unit (compiled)Borland Delphi
DCWWalter Machine ProgramingWalter Profile Editor
DCXMulti-page PCX graphics (common fax format)Visual FoxPro
DCXDataBaseContainer IndexVisual FoxPro
DDMacintosh file archiveDISKDOUBLER
DDADataGLBasic ASCII 3D object
DDBDigidesign Database File
DDBBitmap graphics
DDDBuilding DiagramDiagramming software
DDIDisk imageDiskDupe
DDPDevice Driver Profile fileOS/2
DDSDirectDraw Surface fileMicrosoft Flight Simulator, other Microsoft programs
DEBDEBUG scriptUnix
DEBUnix archive file (software package format)Unix
DEFAssembly header file
DEFLinker definition file
DEFDefaults - definitions
DEMGraphics file
DEMVista DEM file
DEMDigital Elevation Model
DESAscii text parameter descriptionAWAVE
DESKLINKWindows Explorer Desktop Control (commonly "Desktop (create shortcut).DESKLINK", 0 bytes). Uses a 'special' hidden file extension (NeverShowExt flag inside the Registry), overriding the Windows Explorer option of showing/hiding file extensions.
DEVDevice driverDev-C++
DEVDev-C++ project fileDev-C++
DEVSYSGEN handler build procedureDev-C++
DEXDalvik Executable Format
DFDData Flow Diagram graphic fileProsa
DFFRenderWare model data (e.g. Grand Theft Auto III and later)
DFIOutline font descriptionDigifont
DFLDefault program settingsSignature
DFMData Flow Diagram model fileBorland Delphi
DFMDelphi form moduleBorland Delphi
DFSDelight Sound File
DFTIDynamic Formatted Text and Images (Word Processing)FlexiWrite
DFVPrinting form (Word)Microsoft Word
DFXMicrografx Effects DLL
DGNGraphics fileMicroStation
DHDependency information for .phGeoworks
DHPDr. Halo PIC Format graphics fileDr. Halo II - III
DID Programming Language interface fileDMD
DIADiagraph graphics fileComputer Support Corporation
DIBDevice Independent Bitmaprarely used Windows 3.0 bitmap; Win - OS/2
DICDictionary (e.g. from WinWord)
DICOMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) bitmapDICOM Software (XnView)
DIDVerity Collection Document Index Descriptor Style Set
DIFOutput from Diff command - script for Patch commandVisicalc
DIFSRCCOM, BINCOM output fileVisicalc
DIFBorland patch data fileVisicalc
DIFOS/2 V2.2 Display Information FileVisicalc
DIFData Interchange FormatVisicalc
DIGSound Designer 1 audio fileAWAVE
DIPWatcom debug info processor
DIPPCB Drawing file
DIRDialing directory fileMacroMind Director 4.x
DIRDirectory fileMacroMind Director 4.x
DIRDirectory listing fileMacroMind Director 4.x
DIRMovieMacroMind Director 4.x
DISThesaurusVAX Mail
DISDistribution fileVAX Mail
DIZDescription file (Description In Zip)
DJVDjVu File Format
DJVUDJVU Document Format, a format similar to PDF but with higher compression rates at the same quality.DJVU
DKBRaytraced graphicsDKBTrace
DLAnimation format (Italian origin)Display - DL Viewer
DLDData fileLotus 1-2-3
DLFDialogue Live FormatProduced by Exstream Dialogue and edited by Dialogue Live Editor
DLGDialog resources
DLGDialog resource script file
DLGWindows SDK dialog editor data file
DLGWindows SDK dialog editor data file
DLLExport/import filterWindows 3.x - OS/2
DLLDynamic-link libraryWindows 3.x - OS/2
DLMMicrosoft File Transfer ManagerMicrosoft File Transfer Manager
DLSSetupNorton Disklock
DMFDeleD filesDelusion
DMFMusic format (Delusion Digital Music File)Delusion
DMGApple Disk ImageMac OS X (Disk Utility),
DMPDump file (e.g. screen or memory)RT-11
DMPDUMP utility output fileRT-11
DMSAmiga file archiveDISKMASHER
DNGDigital Negative (DNG), a publicly available archival format for the raw files generated by digital camerasAt least 30 camera models from at least 10 manufacturers, and at least 200 software products
DNTdataRSNetWorx Project
DOJava servlet fileWeb browser (Various)
DOCA Document, or an ASCII text file with text formatting codes in with the text; used by many word processorsMicrosoft Word and others
DOCMMicrosoft Word 2007 Master documentMicrosoft Word 2007
DOCXOffice Open XML Text documentMicrosoft Word
DOFDelphi project options fileBorland Delphi
DOGScreen fileLaughing Dog Screen Maker
DOHDependency information for .pohGeoworks
DORRoland Digital audio fileRoland
DOSExternal command fileSvga.exe
DOSNetwork driver (e.g. pkt_dis.dos)Svga.exe
DOSText file containing DOS specific infoSvga.exe
DOSOS/2 V3 SVGA PMI-FileSvga.exe
DOTMicrosoft Word document templateCorelDRAW
DOTLine-type definition fileCorelDRAW
DOTMMicrosoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template
DOTXOffice Open XML Text document templateMicrosoft Word
DOXText fileMultiMate 4.0
DOZDescription Out of ZipVENDINFO
DPCalendar fileDataPhile
DPData fileDataPhile
DPFBareboard PCB CAD/CAM formatUcamco
DPPSerif DrawPlus Drawing
DPRDefault project- and state-related informationBorland C++ - Delphi - C
DPXDigital Moving Picture Exchange
DQYMicrosoft Excel ODBC Query
DRCDraco File Format
DRPWeb3D FileWeb3D
DRSDisplay ResourceAge of Empires (video game)
DRSData Resource FileAge of Empires (video game)
DRWDesigner vector graphics fileDesigner - MicroGraphix
DSTWAIN Data SourceAny twain-source must supply one xxx.ds file
DS_STOREDS_store file (MAC)
DS1Map fileDiablo II
DS4Vector graphicsMicrografx Designer 4.x
DSCDescription fileCelestia
DSCCelestia Deep Space Catalog fileCelestia
DSCDiscard fileCelestia
DSFDelusion Digital Sound FileGolden Helix
DSFData Storage FormatGolden Helix
DSKDisk DriversBP - DN - BC++ - TP
DSKLogical disk fileBP - DN - BC++ - TP
DSKDesktop configurationBP - DN - BC++ - TP
DSMDigital Sound ModuleDSI
DSNDesignObject System Designer
DSPGraphics display driverWin
DSPVisual Studio 6 project fileWin
DSPDisplay parametersWin
DSPDynamic Studio Professional ModuleWin
DSPNorton viewer DLLWin
DSRDriver ResourceWordPerfect for Win
DSSSQL Script for .Time FrameworkDigital Soup
DSSScreensaver fileDigital Soup
DSSDigital Speech Standard (Sound)Digital Soup
DSTWAIN (Scanner spec) data source DLLEmbroidermodder
DSTTajima Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
DSVNintendo DS battery saveDeSmuME, DraStic
DSWBorland C++ 4.x desktop layout fileBCW.EXE
DT_Data fork of a Macintosh fileMac-ette
DT0Digital Terrain Elevation Data
DT1Tile fileDiablo II
DTAData fileTurbo Pascal - PC-File - Stata
DTBDatabase Backup for .Time FrameworkExaktime
DTDDocument Type Definition
DTEDDigital Terrain Elevation Data
DTFDatabase filePFS - Q&A
DTLDjango template languagedjangoproject
DTMDigiTrekker music moduleAWAVE
DTOdataDirectory Toolkit output
DTPPage Magic 2.0 publicationTimeworks / greenstreet Publisher3/ Greenstreet Publisher 4.5
DTPPublicationTimeworks / greenstreet Publisher3/ Greenstreet Publisher 4.5
DTPDesk Top Publishing DocumentTimeworks / greenstreet Publisher3/ Greenstreet Publisher 4.5
DTSTorque Game Engine model format
DVDigital Video
DVBVisual Basic Macro
DVCDataLotus 1-2-3
DVDPROJiDVD project fileiDVD (Apple iLife '08)
DVFSony Digital Voice File/Sony Memory Stick Voice File
DVIDeVice Independent documentTeX
DVPDESQView run-fileAutoCAD
DVPDevice parameter fileAutoCAD
DW2DrawingDesignCAD for DOS, & DesignCAD for Windows
DWBCoryphaeus Software Designers WorkbenchCSD
DWDDiamondWare Digitized fileAWAVE
DWFAutoCAD Design Web Format
DWFXAutoCAD Design Web Format(DWFx)
DWGDrawingAutoCAD, IntelliCAD, PowerCAD, Drafix, etc.
DWLAutoCAD Database File Locking Information
DWSAutoCAD Drawing Standards File
DWTAutoCAD Drawing Template
DWZDVD MovieFactory for TOSHIBA Project File, Designer vector graphics fileDesigner - MicroGraphix or TOSHIBA
DXText fileDEC WPS/DX format - DEC WPS Plus
DXBDrawing Interchange Binary Format
DXFDialogue Exchange FormatAutoCAD, IntelliCAD, PowerCAD, etc.
DXFDrawing Interchange File Format vector graphicsAutoCAD, IntelliCAD, PowerCAD, etc.
DXLDomino XML Document Export
DXNFaxFujitsu dexNET
DXPISO creation project fileTIBCO Spotfire
DXPSpotFire dataTIBCO Spotfire
DXRMacromedia Director
DXXDrawing Interchange Format Style Extract
DYLIBDynamic LibraryMac OS-X
DYNDataLotus 1-2-3
DZTGSSI SIR-10 RADAN data file
EE language source codeE
E##EnCase Evidence File chunkEnCase Forensic Analysis Suite entity
E00ArcInfo interchange fileGIS software
E01Encase Image File Format/Expert Witness Compression Format
E2D2-dimensional vector graphics fileEditor included in JFire
E57ASTM E57 3D File Format
EAREnterprise archivearchive
EASExtended file attributesOS/2
EBASource codeEmergence BASIC
EBDversions of DOS system files (AUTOEXEC.BAT, COMMAND.COM, CONFIG.SYS, WINBOOT.SYS, etc. ) for an emergency boot diskWindows 98, ME
EBJError-checking object fileGeoworks
EBQCITE standard electronic BQ exchange file
ECError checking preprosessed Goc source codeeC
ECSource codeeC
ECCError-checking filedvdisaster
ECEEscenic Contenting Engine dynamic pageEscenic
ECMSStatus documentECMerge
ECMTTemplate document / SessionECMerge
ECWEnhanced Compression Wavelet
EDAEnsoniq ASR disk imageAWAVE
EDEEnsoniq EPS disk imageAWAVE
EDFExchequer Document FormatMedical timeseries storage files
EDFEuropean data formatMedical timeseries storage files
EDKEnsoniq KT disk imageAWAVE
EDQEnsoniq sq1,2/ks32 disk imageAWAVE
EDSEnsoniq SQ80 disk imageAWAVE
EDTDefault settingsDN
EDTEnsoniq TS disk imageDN
EDTExternal editors definitionsDN
EDVEnsoniq VFX-SD disk imageAWAVE
EEBButton bar for Equation EditorWordPerfect for Win
EFAEncrypted File ArchiveAWAVE
EFAEnsoniq ASR fileAWAVE
EFEEnsoniq EPS instrument fileAWAVE
EFEEnsoniq EPS fileAWAVE
EFKEnsoniq KT fileAWAVE
EFQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 fileAWAVE
EFSEnsoniq SQ80 fileAWAVE
EFTEnsoniq TS fileChiWriter
EFTHigh resolution screen fontChiWriter
EFXFaxEverex EFax
EGAEGA display fontVentura Publisher
EKAInternal data filesBorland's Eureka
ELEmacs Lisp source code fileEmacs
ELBSynergy/DE library
ELCByte-compiled Emacs Lisp codeEmacs
ELFExecutable and Linkable Format
ELTEvent list text fileProsa
EMAILOutlook Express Email MessageWindows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Microsoft Notepad
EMAKERE language source code (maker)E
EMCStriata Reader Encrypted Document Format
EMFMicrosoft Enhanced Metafile
EMLStationery TemplateOutlook Express
EMUTerminal emulation dataBITCOM
ENCEncoded file - UUENCODEd fileEncore
ENDArrow-head definition fileCorelDRAW
ENFEndNote Filter File
ENFFExtended Neutral File Format
ENGDictionary engine
ENGGraphics file (charting)
ENGEnglish documentation
ENLEndNote Library
ENREndNote Import File
ENSEndNote Style File
ENVEnvironment fileWOPR
ENVEnveloper macroWOPR
ENVEnvelope or EnvironmentsWOPR
ENWEndNote Import File
ENZEndNote Connection File
EOSSAElectro-Optic Space Situational Awareness file format
EOTEmbedded Open-Type
EPGUI wireframe/prototype projectPrikhi Pencil, Evolus Pencil
EPAAward BIOS splash screenAward BIOS, XnView
EPDPublicationExpress Publisher
EPIEncapsulated PostScript graphic fileExpress Publisher
EPIDocumentExpress Publisher
EPSEncapsulated PostScript (Graphics format)CorelDraw - PhotoStyler - PMView - Adobe Illustrator - Ventua Publisher
EPSFEncapsulated PostScript File Format
EPUBElectronic Publication - (e-Reader format)Okular (Linux) - Apple iBooks - Sony Reader - Adobe Digital Editions - Calibre (LMW)
EQNEquation filEWordPerfect for Win
ERDEntity Relationship Diagram graphic fileProsa
ERFEpson Raw Image Format
ERLErlang source code file
ERMEntity Relationship Diagram model fileProsa
ERRCompiler/linker error report
ERSEarth Resource Satellite image header format
ESCPCBData file of "esCAD pcb", PCB Pattern Layout Design SoftwareesCAD pcb provided by Electro-System
ESCSCHData file of "esCAD sch", Drawing Schematics Diagram SoftwareesCAD sch provided by Electro-System
ESHExtended Shell batch file
ETFEncrypted Text File. Used in some security programs.
ETHDocumentEthnograph 3
ETLevent trace log fileMicrosoft
ETWProprietary format from EnterTech for the MagicSing/Mic Karaoke product line.Enter-Tech
ETXStructure-enhanced text for some ascii text browsers
EUIEnsoniq EPS family CD imageAWAVE
EVTWindows Event log file
EVTEvents descriptions
EVTXWindows Event log file XML structuredMicrosoft Windows Vista, 7, 8; Microsoft Event Viewer
EVYDocumentWordPerfect Envoy
EWDDocumentExpress Publisher for Windows
EX_Compressed executable fileNote: EX could be any first two characters in a file extension (e.g. BM_ for compressed bitmap (BMP), DL_ for compressed library, etc.) Files compressed using this method have been in use on Microsoft software CDs and floppies since around 1995.
EX3Device driveRHarvard Graphics 3.0
EXBAudio FileE-MU Systems Emulator X Sampler File
EXCExclude file for Optimize (do not process) (QEMM)VM/CMS
EXCREXX source code fileVM/CMS
EXEDirectly executable programDOS, OpenVMS, Microsoft Windows, Symbian or OS/2
EXFExcute fileOnHand PC
EXFExactal Exchange FileOnHand PC
EXMMSDOS executable, system-manager compliant (HP calculator)HP calculator
EXPDrawing File formatPharLap
EXPExports Library FilePharLap
EXPMelco Embroidery FormatPharLap
EXPProtected mode EXE by PharLap SoftwarePharLap
EXSAudio FileApple Logic Pro EXS instrument
EXTExtensions descriptions file
EXXIntermediate file by MsgPutIBM LinkWay
EZDRAWEazyDraw File Format
EZFFaxCalculus EZ-Fax
EZWeasyOFFER document fileeasyOFFER by Reagency Systems Corp.
FForth language source code fileFREEZE
FFortran language source code file (in fixed form)FREEZE
F03Fortran language source code file (in free form)Many Fortran compilers
F2RFarandole Linear ModuleFarandole
F3RFarandole Blocked Linear ModuleFarandole
F4Fortran IV source code file
F4AFlash Video F4V with only audio (see also SWF)Adobe Flash
F4BFlash Video F4V audiobook (see also SWF)Adobe Flash
F4PFlash Video F4V with digital rights management (see also SWF)Adobe Flash
F4VA container format for Flash Video that differs from the older FLV file format (see also SWF)Adobe Flash
F77Fortran language source code file (in fixed form)Many Fortran compilers
F90Fortran language source code file (in free form)Many Fortran compilers
F95Fortran language source code file (in free form)Many Fortran compilers
F96FaxFrecom FAX96
FAFASTA format sequence file
FACEUsenix FACE graphics file
FALFalcon script sourceFalcon
FAMFamtasia Famicom image formatFamtasia
FAQFrequently Asked Questions text file
FARMusic format (Farandole Composer Module)Farandole
FASMacsyma compiled program
FASTAFASTA format sequence file
FAXFax (raster graphics in CCITT format)most Fax programs
FBBackup filesFifth Generation Systems FastBack Plus
FBMFuzzy Bitmap
FBWHP Backup and Recovery ManagerHP Backup
FBXFBX (Filmbox) Text
FCSpell checking dictionaryHarvard Graphics 2.0
FCMBinary file patch file (forward compression)
FCPFinal Cut Pro project fileFinal Cut Pro
FDField offsets for compilerMicrosoft Fortran
FDFront Door' resource filesMicrosoft Fortran
FDDeclaration fileMicrosoft Fortran
FDBFont Definition BlockMing library
FDRFinal Draft Document
FDSHeaderless Famicom Disk System image
FDSfwNES Famicom Disk System image
FDWFormF3 Design and Mapping
FDXScreenplayFinal Draft
FEDataSurface Evolver 3D surface
FEBButton bar for Figure EditorWordPerfect for Win
FEIFatal Error InfotableGeoworks
FENForsyth–Edwards NotationChess applications -text data describes a specific position.
FESFile produced when a fileless occurrence in 3D Topicscape is exported to Windows3D Topicscape
FFOutline font description
FFIntelligont FIAS format
FFEFront Fareast Famicom image format
FFIAtech FastFont (AllType)
FFIVWFile Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds
FFTDCA/FFT Final Form Text text fileDisplayWrite
FFTDca/FFT Final Form Text text file (DisplayWrite)DisplayWrite
FH10Macromedia FreeHand
FH11Macromedia FreeHand MX
FH3Vector graphicsAldus FreeHand 3.x
FH4Vector graphicsAldus FreeHand 3.x
FH5Macromedia Freehand
FH7Macromedia FreeHand
FH8Macromedia FreeHand
FH9Macromedia FreeHand
FIInterface fileMicrosoft Fortran
FIFFractal Image Format file
FILFile templateAudit Command Language (ACL)
FILFile which was moved to the Virus Vault by AVGAudit Command Language (ACL)
FILFiles list object fileAudit Command Language (ACL)
FILFilelistAudit Command Language (ACL)
FILTable DataAudit Command Language (ACL)
FILMirror. FIL is the name given to the saved FAT by the mirror program included in some versions of DOS and in PCToolsAudit Command Language (ACL)
FILOverlayAudit Command Language (ACL)
FILEA generic Windows file
FILMFilmkey film fileFilmkey Player
FINPrint-formatted text filePerfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE
FIOAldus PhotoStyler graphics filter
FIOImage PALS viewer DLL
FITFile Index Table
FITFityk Script
FITSFlexible Image Transport Systemastronomy software
FIXPatch file
FKYMacro fileFoxPro
FLASource material for Flash applications (see SWF)Adobe Flash
FLACAudio codec, Audio file format
FLAMEFractal configuration fileApophysis
FLBFormat libraryPapyrus
FLCAnimation format FLIC >320x200AAPlay - Autodesk AniPro
FLIAnimation format FLIC 320x200EmTeX
FLITeX font libraryEmTeX
FLIFFree Lossless Image Format (FLIF)
FLMFilm RollAutoCAD/AutoShade
FLPFLP Designer layout fileFruity Loops (FlStudio)
FLPFlstudio project fileFruity Loops (FlStudio)
FLTSupport file - graphics filterAlsud, Microsoft Word
FLTFilter fileAlsud, Microsoft Word
FLTData/file conversion filter (or overlay)Alsud, Microsoft Word
FLTMultiGen FlightAlsud, Microsoft Word
FLVA container format for Flash Video (see also SWF)Adobe Flash
FLXCompiled binary
FLXAnimation format
FMDatabaseFileMaker Pro
FM1Spreadsheet format overlayLotus 1-2-3 release 2.x
FM3Device driverLotus 1-2-3 release 3.x
FM3SpreadsheetLotus 1-2-3 release 3.x
FMBFile Manager Button barWordPerfect for Win
FMFFont or icon fileIBM LinkWay
FMKMakefileFortran PowerStation
FMOCompiled format filedBASE IV
FMPAutoCAD Font Mapping Table
FMTGate3 format fileSprint
FMTFormat fileSprint
FMTStyle sheetSprint
FMVFull Motion Video file
FMZform*Z Project File
FN3Font fileHarvard Graphics 3.0
FNDFiles searching propertiesWin95
FNIFileNet Native DocumentFileNet
FNKFunkTracker music moduleAWAVE, FunkTracker
FNMFannie Mae Residential Loan Data (RLD) format for mortgage submission to DO/DUDesktop Originator
FNNDOS screen text font - height nn
FNTFont filemany
FNXInactive fontExact
FO1Font fileBorland Turbo C
FO2Font fileBorland Turbo C
FOGFontographer Database FileFontographer 3.5
FOLFolder of saved messages1st Reader
FONWindows bitmapped font fileProcomm Plus
FONTerminate phonebookProcomm Plus
FONLog of all callsProcomm Plus
FONTFont dataunix
FOPFreedom of the Press graphic file
FORFortran language source fileWindowBase
FOTInstalled Truetype fontWindows Font Installer
FOXFoxbase executable (precompiled .prg)FoxBase
FPVideo fileFoxPro for DOS
FPTiff fileFoxPro for DOS
FPFinal Page fileFoxPro for DOS
FP3DatabaseFileMaker Pro
FP4DatabaseFileMaker Pro
FP5DatabaseFileMaker Pro
FP7DatabaseFileMaker Pro
FPDTMT Pascal compiled unitTMT Pascal
FPMConfiguration fileFoxPro for MacIntosh
FPTFoxpro memo field tablesFoxPro
FPUConfiguration fileFoxPro for Unix
FPWFloorplan drawingVisual FoxPro
FPWConfiguration fileVisual FoxPro
FPXFlashPix Bitmap Image FileFlashPix
FR?Packed mailFTN software
FR3Renamed dBASE III+ form filedBASE IV
FRFFontMonger Database fileFontMonger
FRGUncompiled report filedBASE IV
FRLGP-Forth libraryGP-Forth
FRMRegistration or other formVisual Basic
FRMReport fileVisual Basic
FRMVisual Basic FormVisual Basic
FROCompiled report filedBASE IV
FRPFormPerForm PRO Plus - FormFlow
FRSScreen Font ResourceWordPerfect for Win
FRTGP-Forth source fileFoxPro
FRTAdditional (FPT) report description fileFoxPro
FRXVisual Basic binary program fileVisual FoxPro
FRXMain (DBF) report description fileVisual FoxPro
FSAApplied Biosystems Genetic Analysis data fileGeneScan
FSIMSimulation File FormatLoudsoft
FSLFormParadox for Windows
FSMFarandole Composer WaveSampleFarandole
FSPROJHabanero Firestarter projectHabanero Firestarter
FSTTemporal database fileGTKWave data file
FSTLinkable programGTKWave data file
FSTICKTemporal database fileFlash Joystick
FSXDataLotus 1-2-3
FTDFalcon dynamic templateFalcon
FTMFont fileMicrografx
FTPConfigurationFTP Software PC/TCP
FTSFull text search index of old Windows Help fileWindows 3.0 - XP
FTXTtextCloanto text document
FUKMap FilePostal 2
FW2DatabaseFramework II
FW3DatabaseFramework III
FW4Framework Database
FXOn-line guideFastLynx
FXPFoxpro executable (precompiled .prg)Visual FoxPro
FXSFAX Transmit Format graphics fileWinFax
FYFFileLocFyTek, Inc.
G16GoldED for DOS compiled configGOLDED.EXE
G3Group 3 FaxNetpbm, ImageMagick, XnView
G3DGlest model fileG3D viewer
G3PdataGrand Prix 3 car physics
G41G64 GCR-encoded Disk Image Format
G64G64 GCR-encoded Disk Image Format
G71G64 GCR-encoded Disk Image Format
G8Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane threePicLab - Cubicomb Picturemaker
GAFGloba Game Engine audio formatGloba Game Engine
GAMEPROJGamesalad game project formatGameSalad
GBGame Boy ROM
GBGenBank flat file
GB1Game Maker backup file (can also be GB2, GB3, etc.)
GBAGame Boy Advance ROMNintendo
GBCGame Boy Color ROMNintendo
GBKGenBank flat file
GBLGenesis Bitmap LayoutVAXTPU editor
GBLGlobal module in Basic programsVAXTPU editor
GBLGlobal definitionsVAXTPU editor
GBPGenesis Bitmap PatternGenesis Bitmap
GBRGerber formatPCB CAD/CAM
GBSGBS meta dataGeneric Build Support (GBS)
GCSavegameStar Wars: Battlefront II Galactic Conquest save file
GC1Lisp source codeGolden Common Lisp 1.1
GC3Lisp source codeGolden Common Lisp 1.3
GCDGeneric Cadd drawingROBLOX
GCDGeneral content descriptorROBLOX
GCFGame cache fileSteam content delivery system
GCHGNU preprocessed C++ header fileGNU C++ compiler
GCINintendo GameCube save fileNintendo GameCube
GCXGraph fileMac OS X Grapher
GD3Game Doctor Super NES ROM image
GDBInterBase Database
GDFDictionary fileVarious mapping software
GDFIBM Graphics Data FormatVarious mapping software
GDFGeographical Data FormatVarious mapping software
GDFGeneral Data Format for Biomedical SignalsVarious mapping software
GDLDataArchiCAD model
GDOCGoogle Document Link File
GDRAWGoogle Document Link File
GDSMcDonnell-Douglas Things
GDTGerätedatentransfer, an xDT applicationHealthcare providers in Germany
GEGEcho config fileGEcho
GEDGenealogy data exchangeGame Editor
GEDGoldED for DOS compiled config fileGame Editor
GEDGraphics editor fileGame Editor
GEDGame Editor Data / project fileGame Editor
GEDNative format for all A&L products since 1983Game Editor
GEMVector graphics fileGEM - Ventura Publisher
GENGenerated textdBASE Application Generator
GENCompiled templatedBASE Application Generator
GENBANKGenBank flat file
GEOGEOS specific file (application)Geoworks
GEOGoldED for OS/2 compiled config fileGeoworks
GEXGEcho config fileGEcho
GFBCompressed GIF image created by GIFBLASTgifblast.exe
GFFGeneral feature format
GFOSGI Radiosity
GFORMGoogle Document Link File
GFTGEM-translator font fileNeoPaint
GFXPCBoard @X-coded colorful textGFX2COM - GFX2EXE
GFXInstant Artist graphics FilesGFX2COM - GFX2EXE
GHONorton Ghost File (first file)Symantec
GHSNorton Ghost File (split file)Symantec
GHWGHDL Wave fileGHDL/GTKWave data file
GIBGIMP animated brush
GIDGlobal index of old Windows Help fileWindows 3.0 - XP
GIFCompuserves' Graphics Interchange Format (bitmapped graphics)QPeg - Display - CompuShow
GISERDAS IMAGINE Gray-scale Bitmap Image
GIWPresentationGraph-in-the-Box for Windows
GJFGaussian Input Data File
GKHEnsoniq Disk Image (VFX, SD, EPS, ASR, TS)Ensoniq
GKSGraphics Kernel System
GLAnimation formatGRASP GRAphical System for Presentation
GLAnimationGRASP GRAphical System for Presentation
GLBGlobal module in Basic programs
GLMDatafile, KernelCAD modelGlim, KernelCAD
GLOGlobal module in Basic programs
GLYWinword GlossaryMicrosoft Word
GM6GameMaker Editable file as of version 6.xGame Maker
GM81GameMaker Editable file as of version 8.1.xGame Maker
GMAPGoogle Document Link File
GMDGameMaker Editable file up to version 5.xGame Maker
GMFCGM graphics fileAPPLAUSE
GMKGameMaker Editable file as of version 7.x or 8.xGame Maker
GMLGameMaker GML script fileGeography Markup Language
GMLGeography Markup Language FileGeography Markup Language
GMODDataGolgotha 3D model
GMPGeomorph tile mapSPX
GMSGhost Mouse Script
GMSGesture and Motion File Formats
GMTData (car physics)RFactor car physics
GMTGene Matrix TransposedRFactor car physics
GMXGameMaker:Studio Editable File as of 1.xGame Maker
GOGo source code fileGolang
GOCGoc source code fileGeoworks
GOEGOES graphic file
GOHGoc header fileGeoworks
GPGeode parameter fileGeoworks Glue
GP4dataGrand Prix 4 car physics
GP5Guitar Pro 5 songGuitar Pro 5
GPHGraphLotus 1-2-3/G
GPKOmnigo program package
GPXGPS eXchange Format
GR2Screen driverWindows 3.x
GRAFFLEOmniGraffle graph file
GRASPGraphical System for Presentation
GRBMS-DOS Shell Monitor fileTop Systems
GRBT-FLEX CAD fileTop Systems
GRDDrivers for GRX (graphics library)GRX (c) Free Soft. Found.
GRDNTImage format used in the core of some very obscure customized operating systems to represent gradients; see also SCTOR
GREEllipsoids Plot Program dataGrenoble Thermal ellipsoids Plot Program
GRFGraph fileGraph Plus, DPlot, and Charisma
GRFTGraph definition text fileSELDM Postprocessor
GRIBGridded Binary
GRNDrivers for GRX (graphics library)GRX (c) Free Soft. Found.
GRPGroup fileWindows 3.x - Papyrus
GRPPictures groupWindows 3.x - Papyrus
GRYGraphics format (RAW GREYz)
GSScript written in Google Apps Script, used for automating tasks across online Google productsGoogle Apps Script
GSAdataMicrosoft Office Groove Space Archive
GSDVector graphicsProfessional Draw
GSFPortable Sound Format
GSFLIBPortable Sound Format
GSHEETGoogle Document Link File
GSITEGoogle Document Link File
GSLIDESGoogle Document Link File
GSMRaw GSM 6.10 audio streamAWAVE
GSPGeometer's Sketchpad
GTAdataMicrosoft Office Groove Tool Archive
GTFGene transfer format
GVGrandView outline file
GVODataGFXFX Vector Object
GWIGroupwise FileLocal saved Email
GXKSecure Data encryption FormatGalaxkey
GXLGraphics libraryGenus
GZArchiveGNU zip - WinZipNT
GZRAction replayGunZ action replay
HHeader file (usually C language)Watcom C/C++
H--C—language headerSphinx C--
H!On-line help fileHELP.EXE
H!Pertext databaseHELP.EXE
H++Header fileC++
HALData fileHyper Access Lite OS/2
HAMDisk Drivers NPADeluxe Paint image file
HAMHold And ModifyDeluxe Paint image file
HARHTTP Archive format (JSON-format web-browser log)W3C draft standard
HBCCompressed Archive File (Shrink Fast Algorithm)Hyperbac
HBCCompressed Archive File (Shrink Algorithm)Hyperbac
HBECompressed, Encrypted Archive File (Shrink & AES256-bit Encryption)Hyperbac
HBKMathCAD handbookMathCAD
HCHeader file
HDNagłowek pulse EKKO
HDDdisk imagedisk image
HDDHotDisc Designer labeldisk image
HDFHelp file
HDFHierarchical Data File graphics file
HDFAmiga Hard Disk Image
HDLAlternate download file listingProcomm Plus
HDMPheap dumpfile
HDRMessage header text
HDRSPOT image file
HDRPC-File+ Database header
HDSHierarchical Data System
HDWVector graphicsHarvard Draw
HDXHelp indexAutoCAD - Zortech C++
HDZAmiga Zip compressed Hard Disk Image
HEPNovell Help Librarian Data FileNovell NetWare
HEXHex dump
HFIHP Font Info fileGEM
HGLHP Graphics Language graphics file
HGLHighlight groups definitions
HHC++ header file
HHHPrecompiled header filePower C
HHPHelp information for remote usersProcomm Plus
HIGame high scores table
HISYard Information FileDN
HISHistory of executing/viewing/editingDN
HKMStores sound in a bitmapped graphics file
HLBHelp libraryVAX
HLPold Windows Help fileWindows 3.0 - XP, Help Explorer Viewer
HLXMulti Edit help fileMultiEdit 5.0
HLZMulti Edit packed help fileMultiEdit
HMHarris Matrix
HMIMusic format (MIDI)
HMMAlternate Mail Read option menuProcomm Plus
HMPHump Setup File - Obsolete as of version 2.4 (See SET and SWT files)
HMPMusic format (MIDI)
HNCCNC program files Heidenhain (?) dialog
HOFHall Of Fame (game scores)
HOMCAD Software Data FilePLXHOME
HPPrintout file for HP printers/plotters (HP/GL)
HP8ASCII text HP Roman8 character setNewWave Write
HP9ASCII text HP Roman9 character set
HPFHP LaserJet fontsPageMaker
HPGLPlotter file vector graphics (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language)AutoCad - Harvard Graphics
HPIFont information fileGEM
HPJHelp projectMicrosoft Help Compiler for Windows - HC.EXE
HPMEMM textProcomm Plus
HPMAlternate Main menu for privileged usersProcomm Plus
HPMHigh Performance MapProcomm Plus
HPPC++ header fileZortech C++ - Watcom C/C++
HPPCLHewlett-Packard Printer Control Language
HQ.UEFUnified Emulator Format
HRFGraphics file (Hitachi Raster Format)
HRMAlternate Main menu for limited/normal usersProcomm Plus
HRZGraphics formatSSTV
HS2Monochrome imagePostering
HSC2-op FM musicHSC tracker - hscplay.exe
HSHDisk image hash fileDriveSnapshot
HSIHandmade Software Inc. graphics file almost JPEGImage Alchemy
HSTHistory fileProcomm Plus
HTAHTML ApplicationMicrosoft Windows
HTCHTML Components
HTMLHypertext Markup Language (WWW)Netscape - Mosaic - many
HTXHypertext file
HUSHusqvarna Viking Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
HVEHive fileMicrosoft
HWAHollywood appletHollywood
HWDPresentationHollywood Designer
HWPHangul Word Processor DocumentHangul (word processor)
HWSHollywood scriptHollywood
HXMAlternate Protocol Selection menu for all usersProcomm Plus
HXSMicrosoft Help 2 compiled help fileMicrosoft Windows, Help Explorer Viewer
HXXC++ header file
HY1Hyphenation algorithmsVentura Publisher
HY2Hyphenation algorithmsVentura Publisher
HYDHyphenation dictionaryWordPerfect for Win
IPreprocessor output fileSWIG
ISWIG interface fileSWIG
IAKInternet Access KitOS/2
IAMAssembly fileAutodesk Inventor
IAXBitmap graphics (IBM Image Access eXecutive)InstallAnywhere.NET project
IAXdataInstallAnywhere.NET project
IBGPDS graphic file
IBMArchive (Internal IBM only)ARCHDOS
IBOOKSApple iBook format
IBRORobot save fileIncredibots 2
ICABitmap graphics (Image Object Content Architecture)
ICBTarga ICB bitmap graphicsmany raster graphics editors
ICCICC profileColor Configuration for color input or output devices
ICELHA ArchiveCracked LHA (old LHA), Total Commander
ICFEIceFormula Equation WorkspacePenguin George
ICFMIceFormula Math WorkspacePenguin George
ICMICC configuration
ICNICON source code file
ICOIcon fileICONEDIT.EXE; Microsoft Windows
ICSInternet Calendar and Scheduling format
IDDisk identification file
IDBVC++ Minimum Rebuild Dependency FileIDA
IDBIDA databaseIDA
IDCIDA C language sourceIDA
IDEBorland C++ 4.x IDE projectBCW.EXE
IDFMIDI instrument description
IDQInternet Data Query File
IDSIDA imported names formatIDA
IDWDrawing fileIntelliDraw
IDWVector graphicsIntelliDraw
IDXIndexmany - FoxPro; also unrelated Quicken file format
IFCIndustry Foundation Classes
IFCXMLIndustry Foundation Classes XML
IFDFormJetForm Design
IFFInterchange Format File (IFF)SDSC Image Tool
IFFSun TAAC Image File FormatSDSC Image Tool
IFODVD data file and backup data file
IFSInstallable file systemYuvpak
IFSIterated fractal system fileYuvpak
IFSFractal image compressed fileYuvpak
IGCFlight tracks downloaded from GPS devices in the International Gliding Commission's prescribed format
IGESInitial Graphics Exchange Specification
IGFLasershowGen FramesLasershowGen
IGFInset SystemsLasershowGen
IGPLasershowGen ProjectLasershowGen
IGSInitial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES)
IHPWatcom help filewhelp.exe
IHSInbound HistoryBink/+
IIQPhase One IIQ Raw Image
IIWPower Point Image Importer Wizard
ILhDC Designer Icon Lin dll format
ILBDataScream Tracker
ILGdataLaTeX Index Generation log
ILKOutline of program's formatMicrosoft ILink incremental linker
IMAuran Jet indexed mesh fileTrainz
IM8Sun Raster graphics file
IMADisk imageEGO - Chart - Autumn
IMAMirage vector graphicsEGO - Chart - Autumn
IMAGEApple Disk Copy Image
IMGVivid IMG fileNC 5.0
IMGGEM bitmapped graphics fileNC 5.0
IMGADEX graphic fileNC 5.0
IMGImage for Windows/Image for DOS Disk imageNC 5.0
IMGDisk ImageNC 5.0
IMIimageMagellan Meridian map
IMIimageMagellan Meridian map
IMOVIEPROJiMovieProj File Format
IMPSpreadsheetLotus Improv
IMQImage presentationImageQ
IMZDisk imageWinImage
INDesign II for Windows INput file
INautoconf INput file
IN$Installation fileHP NewWave
IN3Input device driverHarvard Graphics 3.0
INBTest scriptVermont HighTest
INCInclude filejęzyki programowania
INDDInDesign DocumentAdobe InDesign
INFType 1 LaserJet font information fileVIEW.EXE
INFInstall scriptVIEW.EXE
INFInformation text file (ASCII)VIEW.EXE
INFOS/2 hypertext help system fileVIEW.EXE
INFOIcon Data (Amiga)info (Unix)
INFOGNU info reader (output from Texinfo)info (Unix)
INGIntergraph Raster Image
INGRIntergraph Raster File Format
INIInitialization file
INKPantone reference fills fileCorelDRAW
INOArduino fileArduino
INSInstallation scriptWordPerfect
INSInstrument music file (Adlib)WordPerfect
INSEnsoniq Instrument FileWordPerfect
INTSource of Borland interface moduleSignature
INTProgram saved in Internal (semi-compiled) formatSignature
INTBorland Interface UnitsSignature
IOB3d graphics database in TDDD formatImagine
IOCOrganizational chartInstant ORGcharting!
ION4DOS DESCRIPT.ION file (file descriptions like long filenames, comments, or extended attributes)4DOS, NDOS, 4OS2, 4NT, TC, TCC, VC, DN, ODN, NDN, Windows Commander, Total Commander, XnView, ACDSee, Newsbin Pro, V, as well as some CUI LIB-based applications
IPImmortal Player fileImmortal Player
IPAApple iOS ApplicationiPhone, iPod touch, iPad
IPCIntellitec Program Configuration - used to configure vehicle electronicsIntellitec
IPFInterchangeable Preservation FormatSoftPres
IPGiPod game fileiTunes and iPod
IPHHi-Res ImageInterPaint
IPLPantone Spot reference palette fileCorelDRAW
IPNIntecplan projectAutodesk Inventor
IPNPresentation FileAutodesk Inventor
IPSIPS Patching Format (International Patching System)Rom hacking community
IPSWiOS firmware fileiPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV
IPTPart fileInterPaint
IPTMultiColor ImageInterPaint
IQYMicrosoft Excel Web Query
IRRMESHstatic irrMesh files
IRSResource (WordPerfect) standard.irsWordPerfect
IRTDataIRIT 3D model
IRTRGraphicon-2000 Interactive Real-Time PHIGS
ISDSpelling Checker dictionaryRapidFile
ISMAOutput Video fileIslam Abusa'a Software
ISOISO-9660 tablesee: List of ISO image software
ISTDigitrakker Instrument FileAWAVE
ITSettingsImpulse Tracker
ITImpulse Tracker music fileImpulse Tracker
ITFTechnical indicator, trading system or market scan source code fileJPI TopSpeed Pascal
ITFInterface fileJPI TopSpeed Pascal
ITLiTunes music library
ITNItinerary fileTomTom PNDs
ITRi-Tree project filesi-Tree Software Suite
ITTIconTweaker Theme
IVSGI Inventor
IVCMicrosoft Expression Media
IVEOpenSceneGraph 3D model
IVIImage fileImmerVision
IVLLensflare fileImmerVision
IVPPanorama fileImmerVision
IVUUser Interface fileImmerVision
IV-VRMLInventor VRML Format
IWPresentation flowchartIconAuthor - HSC InterActive
IWAText fileIBM Writing Assistant
IWBInformation WorkBenchProdeo
IWDCall of Duty Map - Game Data ArchiveActivision, Inc.
IWPText fileWang
IXdatadtSearch index
IZTIzl binary token fileIZL
J2CJPEG 2000 image
JADJava Application DescriptorMobile JAR, Java Games and Applications
JAMJam music scoreFTN software
JAMJam messagebaseFTN software
JARJava archiveJAR, Java Games and Applications
JASCGraphics format (JASC)
JAVAJava source code file
JBFPaintShop Pro Browser Cache File
JBIGJoint Bilevel Image Group
JBXProject fileProject Scheduler 4
JCNJobClock.Net Synch File
JDFJEOL NMR Spectroscopy
JEFJanome Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
JETFaxHybrid JetFax
JFIFJPEG File Interchange Format
JGWESRI World File Format
JMSMusic format (JMusic file)UltraForce
JNGJPEG Network Graphics
JNLPJava Network Launching ProtocolJava Web Start
JNRJinx! file recordingJinx! LED Matrix control
JNTWindows Journal Format
JNXSaved dataJinx! LED Matrix control
JOBGravostyle engraving pattern fileRT-11
JOBQUEUE output fileRT-11
JORJournal file SQL
JOUJournal backupVAX Edt editor
JP2JPEG 2000 image
JPCGraphicsJapan PIC
JPEJPEG File Interchange Format
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group graphics file formatQPeg - FullView - Display
JPFJPX (JPEG 2000 part 2)
JPGJoint Photographic Group
JPGWESRI World File Format
JPMJPM (JPEG 2000 part 6)
JPSbackup of startup files (AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, 4DOS.INI) by installation of 4DOS (JP Software)4DOS
JPXJPX (JPEG 2000 part 2)
JREJava Runtime EnvironmentJava
JSJavaScript filescript in HTML pages
JSONJSON (JavaScript Object Notation)Ajax
JSONLDJSON-LD, a JSON-based Serialization for Linked Data
JSPJavaServer PagesDynamic pages running Web servers using Java technology
JTFGraphics (TIFF file with JPEG compression)Hayes JT Fax
JTFFaxHayes JT Fax
JTPWindows Journal Format
JVXDataJavaView object
JWText documentJustWrite
JWTJustWrite Text Document
JXRJPEG Extended Range
K2A3D objectPrince of Persia 3D object
K3DDescription of macro language 3DS3DS
KAPMap Info Sea Chart
KARPrecompiled .prg for KARATITune 1000.Corp
KARMusic format (Karaoke)ITune 1000.Corp
KBKeyboard scriptKnowledge Pro
KBProgram sourceKnowledge Pro
KBK-Brief in XML formatKnowledge Pro
KBAK-Brief AttachmentTCC's Set-Based Thinking™ Tools
KBDKeyboard mappingLocoScript - Signature - Procomm Plus
KBMKeyboard mappingReflection 4.0
KBSK-Brief in Encrypted formatTCC's Set-Based Thinking™ Tools
KBZK-Brief in Compressed formatTCC's Set-Based Thinking™ Tools
KCLLisp source codeKyoto Common Lisp
KDKoara DocumentKoara
KDBKeePass 1.x database fileKeePass
KDBXKeePass 2.x database fileKeePass
KDCKodak Digital Camera (graphics)PhotoEnhancer by PictureWorks
KEXKedit Macro FileKedit
KEXTmacOS Kernel ExtensionmacOS
KEYSecurity file e.g. Shareware Registration info
KEYKeynote presentation file
KEYOS/2 archive .key-file (i.e. OS2.KEY)
KEYKeyboard macros
KFNcomplex music format|Karafun Karaoke(R)
KFXKofax GroupGCGW
KITPower Chords drum kit filePower Chord
KMCKatzReview's MegaCrammer
KMLKeyhole Markup LanguageKedit
KMLKedit Macro LibraryKedit
KMZKeyhole Markup Language (Zip compressed)Google Earth
KNNDatabase key fileClarion
KNOPersonal Knowbase data filePersonal Knowbase
KOlinux kernel object filelinux kernel
KODUKodu game save fileKodu Game Lab
KPLsource codePhrogram
KPSIBM KIPS bitmap graphics
KR1Kurzweil 2000 sample fileAWAVE
KR2Kurzweil 2000 sample fileAWAVE
KRAFormat Krita Document
KRZKurzweil K2000 FileKurzweil
KSSource codeKonsolScript Document
KS3Data3D Forgastest Editor object
KSMPfaff Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
KTUKnow The Unknown Online Service PacksUnknownsoft
KTXKhronos Texture File
KWBKnowledge WorkBenchProdeo
KYBKeyboard mappingFTP Software PC/TCP
LLEX source code file
LLinker directive file
LLISP source code file
L01Logical File Evidence Format
LA0DatafileSCUMM index file
LABDatafileQ+E for Microsoft Excel
LABMailing labelsQ+E for Microsoft Excel
LANLAN Drivers
LANErdas image file
LANGLanguage fileMinecraft, Skype
LASLasso FileLasso Programming Language File
LASSOLasso FileLasso Programming Language File
LAYWord chart layoutAPPLAUSE
LAZASPRS Lidar Data Exchange Format
LBGLabel generator datadBASE IV
LBLLabeldBASE IV - Clipper 5 - dBFast
LBMGraphics format (Amiga)Pic-view - Deluxe Paint
LBMLinear bitmap graphicsPic-view - Deluxe Paint
LBOCompiled labeldBASE IV
LBRDisplay driverfor CP/M and MS-DOS using the LU program
LBR.LBR Archivefor CP/M and MS-DOS using the LU program
LBTAdditional (FPT) label description fileFoxPro
LBXMain (DBF) label description fileFoxPro
LCFLinker Control FileNorton Guides compiler
LCHChartIBM Works for OS/2
LCLData (FTP Software PC/TCP)FTP Software PC/TCP
LCLDataFTP Software PC/TCP
LCSDatafileACT! History Files
LCWSpreadsheetLucid 3-D
LDKody Long DistanceTelix
LD1Overlay filedBASE
LDAAbsolute binary file (load image)PDP-11, RT-11
LDBOverlay fileIBM Works for OS/2
LDBData filer databaseIBM Works for OS/2
LDFLibrary definition fileIBM Works for OS/2
LDFData filer formIBM Works for OS/2
LDIFLDAP Data Interchange Format
LDTLabordatenträger, an xDT applicationHealthcare providers in Germany
LEDOS/4GW executable imageDOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender
LESLesson (check *.cbt)
LEVLevel fileNetHack 3.x
LEXDictionaryMicrosoft Word - Lexicon
LFDLucasArts resource fileLucasArts games
LFLLucasArts resource file
LFTLaser printer fontChiWriter
LGLogo procedure definitionsLSRHS Logo
LGOLogo for header and footerSuperFax
LGOStartup logo codeSuperFax
LGPLG Plate fileLase Graphic Number plate software
LGSLG Sign fileLaser Graphic Signs Software
LHALHA ArchiveLHA/LHARC, Total Commander
LHWAmiga archiveLHWARP
LIBLibrary fileseveral programming languages
LICLicense file used by some programs to put their license on disk
LIFCA Clipper packed file
LIFLogical Interchange Format data file
LINLine typesAutoCAD
LITWeb3D FileMicrosoft Reader
LITMicrosoft E-book fileMicrosoft Reader
LIXLog file (history)Audit Command Language (ACL)
LJText file for HP LJ II printer
LLLLVM Assembly Languagellvm
LL3LapLink III related file (document)LapLink III
LLIAutoCAD Landscape Library
LMAuran Jet LOD mesh table (text file to control LODs)Trainz
LMPDoom lump (data file, commonly "demo" recordings)Doom - Doom2
LNGLanguage definition file
LNKLinker script.RTLink
LNKWindows 95 shortcut.RTLink
LNKWindows XP shortcut.RTLink
LNKLinker response file.RTLink
LOCKLockfileVarious systems
LODLoad file
LOGLog fileNumerous systems
LOM3D ModelLock On: Modern Air Combat
LPCPrinter driverTEKO
LPKActiveX License Package file
LRCLyrics data
LRFLinker response fileMicrosoft C/C++
LRFUnencrypted BroadBand eBook fileMicrosoft C/C++
LRPReportIBM Works for OS/2
LRSLanguage Resource FileWordPerfect for Win
LRXEncrypted BroadBand eBook fileSony Librie eBook reader
LSLiveScript source code file
LSALightscape Technologies ASCII
LSBLightscape Technologies Binary
LSCLeostream Connect fileLeostream Corporation
LSPLISP source code fileXlisp, AutoLISP
LSSSYSLINUX Splash Screen GraphicLegato - IBM Works for OS/2
LSSSpreadsheetLegato - IBM Works for OS/2
LSTSLP output file
LSTList file (archive index - compiler listfile)
LSTSpool file
LSTKeyboard macro
LSTListing (e.g. source code)
LSTMap list
LSTAus. BOM Hourly weather Data
LTADataLithTech ASCII 3D object
LTMForm (Lotus Forms)Lotus
LUALua script fileMicrosoft Visual C++, Notepad++
LUWlabel data fileLabels Unlimited for Windows
LUX2D and 3D graphics data fileFoliomap and Spectramap
LUZ3D graphics data fileSpectramap CUDA
LWDText documentLotusWorks
LWOLightwave Object Format
LWPWord processorIBM Works for OS/2, Lotus Wordpro
LXFLego Exchange FormatLego Digital Designer data file
LXOLuxology scenemodo3D software
LXTTemporal database fileGTKWave data file
LYLilyPond Notation FileLilyPond
LYTDocument Layout fileAdminsoft Accounts
LZDDifference file for binariesLDiff 1.20
LZHLHA ArchiveLHA/LHARC, Total Commander
LZSLHA ArchiveLARC, Total Commander
LZXAmiga ArchiveLZX
MMercury Source FileObjective-C
MMathematica Package FileObjective-C
MMATLAB M-FileObjective-C
MSource codeObjective-C
M1VMPEG-1 Elementary Stream
M2WoW Model Object fileBlizzard Entertainment games (World of Warcraft/Warcraft series)
M2TMPEG-2 Transport Stream
M2TSMPEG 2 Transport StreamVarious media playback devices / software
M2VMPEG-2 Elementary Stream
M3UM3U playlist fileWinamp, XMMS
M3U8Unicode version of M3U playlist file (UTF-8)Winamp, XMMS
M4m4 macro file
M4AAdvanced Audio Coding
M4RiPhone ringtoneiTunes and iOS devices
M4VMPEG-4 Media File
M7PMultilizer 2007 and 2009 localization project fileMultilizer
M8M8MAM8 Model File
MAMaya ASCII File Format
MACMacPaint Image
MAFFMozilla Archive FormatMozilla Firefox (with add-on)
MAKMakefileVB – VC ++
MAKProject fileVB – VC ++
MANUser guide (manual)
MANAGERAccounting data fileManager – free accounting software
MAPColor palette fileMicrografx Picture Publisher
MAPLinker map fileMicrografx Picture Publisher
MAPMap file (usually created by compilers)Micrografx Picture Publisher
MAPNetwork mapMicrografx Picture Publisher
MAPGame map for Duke Nukem 3DMicrografx Picture Publisher
MAPMapMicrografx Picture Publisher
MAPFormat dataMicrografx Picture Publisher
MARAssembly programVAX Macro
MARMozilla ARchiveVAX Macro
MARMicrosoft ARchiveVAX Macro
MASSmartMaster setFreelance Graphics
MATMicrosoft Access TableMATLAB
MAXMAX source code fileEmbroidermodder
MAXPfaff Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
MBMemo field values for databaseParadox
MBKMultiple index file backupdBASE IV
MBOXMBOX (Mobipocket)
MBRMaster Boot Record FileGRUB
MBXMailbox dataEudora/ZERBERUS
MCAMinecraft "Anvil" world formatMinecraft 1.2 and onward
MCCConfiguration fileMathcad
MCDMathCad fileMathCad
MCFPhoto book or photo calendar layout file
MCFFont file
MCFMultimedia Container Format (predecessor of Matroska)
MCIMCI command scriptMedia Control Interface
MCLMulti Edit macro libraryMulti Edit
MCLCartesian manipulator for laser systemsMulti Edit
MCPPrinter driverCapsule
MCPApplication scriptCapsule
MCRMinecraft saved world "region" fileMinecraft (up to 1.1)
MCWText fileMacWrite II
MDMarkdown-formatted text filemdcd10.arc
MD2Quake 2 Model Fileid Software
MD3Quake 3 Model Fileid Software
MD5MD5 checksumid Software
MD5Doom 3 and Quake 4 Model Fileid Software
MDAMicrosoft Access system databaseMicrosoft Access
MDADataMicrosoft Access
MDBMicrosoft DataBaseMicrosoft Access
MDFMedia Descriptor File, binary files in which the actual disc (CD/DVD) data is storedautomotive industry, developed by Robert Bosch GmbH
MDFMaster Data File, a Microsoft SQL Server file typeautomotive industry, developed by Robert Bosch GmbH
MDFMeasurement Data Format, a binary file format for vector measurement dataautomotive industry, developed by Robert Bosch GmbH
MDIMicrosoft Document Imaging File Format
MDLQuake 1 Model FileCA-Compete!
MDLSource Engine Model FileCA-Compete!
MDLGoldSrc Model File (Quake-Based Engine)CA-Compete!
MDLNintendo GameCube Luigi's Mansion ModelCA-Compete!
MDMModem definition fileTELIX
MDMPMini dumpfile
MDRMicrodrive fileZX Spectrum emulator by g.a.lunter
MDSMidi SessionSound Imp.
MDTData tableMicrosoft ILink incremental linker
MDXMultiple index filedBASE IV
MDZText description of music moduleCubic Player – Cross-View
METext file READ.MEMultiEdit
MEMultiEdit configurationMultiEdit
MEBMacro Editor bottom overflow fileWordPerfect Library
MECMECCA sourceMaximus
MEDMacro Editor delete saveMED/OctaMED
MEDMusic formatMED/OctaMED
MEDIAWIKIWiki markupmost wikis
MEIMusic Encoding Initiative
MEMMemory variable save fileMnemosyne; other spaced repetition software
MEMMemos datafileMnemosyne; other spaced repetition software
MEMMacro Editor macroMnemosyne; other spaced repetition software
MEMMnemosyne databaseMnemosyne; other spaced repetition software
MEQMacro Editor print queue fileWordPerfect Library
MERMacro Editor resident area (vakioalue)WordPerfect Library
MESMessageWordPerfect Library
MESMacro Editor work space fileWordPerfect Library
METOS/2 graphics metafileOmnipage Pro
METDocumentOmnipage Pro
METMacro Editor top overflow fileOmnipage Pro
MEUMenu groupDOS Shell
MEXMEX file (executable command)WordPerfect Library
MEXMacro Editor expound fileWordPerfect Library
MFMetafont fileTeX
MFASource code fileMultimedia Fusion 2 / The Games Factory 2
MFFMIDICakewalk, MTPro 4
MFMMusic formatDMP
MGFMaterials and Geometry FormatMicrografx
MGXDesigner 4.1 DrawingDesigner 4.1
MHTWeb Archive Single File
MHTMLMicrosoft Web Archive
MIBSnmp MIB file
MIDStandard MIDI filemusic synthetizers, Winamp
MIFAdobe FrameMaker Interchange Format
MIFFMagick Image File Format
MIMEMessage in MIME format (RFC822)
MINDigital Terrain Elevation Data
MINIGSFPortable Sound Format
MINIPSFPortable Sound Format
MINIPSF1Portable Sound Format
MINIUSFNintendo proprietary MIDI file format for the Reality Signal Processor (Nintendo 64)Nintendo 64 games
MIOMyInfo topicMilenix MyInfo
MISMission, used by many games
MITMitsubishi Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
MIXObject filePower C
MJ2MJ2 (Motion JPEG 2000)
MJP2MJ2 (Motion JPEG 2000)
MJSJavaScript Module
MKEMakefileMicrosoft Windows SDK
MKIGraphics format (Japan MKI)
MKIJapanese graphics MAKIchan format
MKVMatroska Multimedia ContainerMedia Player Classic, Windows Media Player, Matroska Splitter
ML3ProjectMilestones 3.x
MLBMacro library fileRT-11, Symphony
MLI3DS Materials Libraries3D Studio
MLPDolby MLP Lossless Audio
MLRAW3D objectMoonlight Creator RAW format 3D object
MLVLabVIEW MathScript
MMText fileObjective-C++
MMSource codeObjective-C++
MMFMail message fileMicrosoft Mail
MMMMultimedia movie file, RIFF RMMP formatMacroMind Director 3.x
MMOMemo writer fileRapidFile
MMPOutput video format from Bravado board
MNWorkspaceWorkspace file of MuPAD (integrated in Matlab)
MNCAutoCAD Compiled Menu
MNDMenu sourceAutoCAD Menu Compiler
MNGMapDeLorme Map'n'Go
MNLAutoLISP Menu Source File
MNRAutoCAD Menu Resource File
MNSAutoCAD Source Menu File
MNTAdditional (FPT) menu description fileFoxPro
MNTMenu memoFoxPro
MNTSurface metrology or image analysis documentFoxPro
MNUAdvanced macro fileAutoCAD Menu Compiler – Norton Commander – Signature
MNUMenuAutoCAD Menu Compiler – Norton Commander – Signature
MNUMicrosoft Mouse menu (for DOS apps)AutoCAD Menu Compiler – Norton Commander – Signature
MNXCompiled menu fileFoxPro
MNXMain (DBF) menu description fileFoxPro
MNYAccount bookMicrosoft Money
MO?Packed mailFTN software
MOBDevice definition filePEN Windows
MODModula language sourceDMP – ST – MDP – VP
MODAMPL model fileDMP – ST – MDP – VP
MODMODULA-2 source code fileDMP – ST – MDP – VP
MODModule—used by Windows for DLL which implement DOS supportDMP – ST – MDP – VP
MODMusic format (Amiga module)DMP – ST – MDP – VP
MOLMOD4WIN PlayListMod4Win
MOLMDL MolfileMod4Win
MOL2Tripos’ Sybyl MOL2 FormatSYBYL, RasMol
MONMonitor descriptionReadMail
MONSYSGEN monitor build procedureReadMail
MOPMOPAC input fileMOPAC, RasMol
MOSLeaf Mosaic Raw Image
MOVMovie fileQuickTime
MOVAnimation format (Mac)QuickTime
MP1MPEG 1/2 Audio Layer I
MP2Mpeg audio fileWinamp, xing
MP3MPEG audio stream, layer 3AWAVE, CoolEdit(+PlugIn), Winamp, many others
MP4multimedia container format, MPEG 4 Part 14Winamp
MPAMPEG audio stream, layer 1,2,3AWAVE
MPCCalendar fileMicrosoft Project
MPCMusepack audioMicrosoft Project
MPEGmultimedia containter format, video, audioMPEG Player, Winamp
MPKGMultipackage installer scriptMac OS X
MPLMediaRack Midi PlaylistMediaRack
MPLSAVCHD Playlist File
MPMMathPlan macroWordPerfect Library
MPPProject fileMicrosoft Project
MPPZMagicPlot project fileMagicPlot
MPQMo'PaQ ArchiveBlizzard games
MPRGenerated executable menu fileRed Alert 2
MPRMultilizer 5.x and 6.x localization project fileRed Alert 2
MPRCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 2 map fileRed Alert 2
MPTBitmap graphics (Multipage TIFF)
MPVView fileMicrosoft Project
MPWMPEG Audio Stream, Layer II
MPXCompiled executable menu file
MPXVideo format
MPZMiradi Project ZipfileMiradi
MQ4MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) source code fileMetaTrader 4
MQ5MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5) source code fileMetaTrader 5
MQHMetaQuotes Language (MQL4 or MQL5) header fileMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
MRBMultiple Resolution Bitmap graphics fileMicrosoft C/C++
MRKWindows User BenchmarkWin95
MRSMacro Resource fileWordPerfect for Win
MRWMinolta RAW
MSMicrosoft antivirus reportMSAV
MSCMicrosoft C makefile
MSCmanagement saved console
MSDSecure and Encrypted Filemysecuredelivery/Download
MSDLManchester Scene Description Language
MSDVDWindows DVD Maker ProjectWindows DVD Maker
MSESet fileMagic Set Editor
MSGZVoice digitized voice file
MSGMessage text file (ASCII)
MSGMessage base (e.g. HMB)
MSIWindows Installer PackageWindows Operating Systems
MSNProjectNational Instruments for NI MultiSim-Electronic Circuit simulator
MSOMicrosoft Word OLE Web Page Storage StreamMicrosoft Outlook
MSOMicrosoft Outlook metadata for a Microsoft Word 2000 email attachmentMicrosoft Outlook
MSPGraphics formatMicrosoft Paint
MSPBitmap graphics fileMicrosoft Paint
MSPRODUCERMedia ProjectMicrosoft Producer (for Microsoft PowerPoint XP/2003) Project
MSQMdataMicrosoft Message Queuing
MSSManuscript text filePerfect Writer – Scribble – MINCE – Jove
MSTSetup script fileMS Test
MSTMinispecification fileMS Test
MSTDocumentMS Test
MSVSony Digital Voice File/Sony Memory Stick Voice File
MSWText fileMicrosoft Word
MSWMMMicrosoft Windows Movie Maker File
MSXCP/M archiveMSX
MTHMath fileDerive
MTMMusic formatMultiTracker
MTSMPEG 2 Transport StreamEA Sports F1 series, car physics
MTSdataEA Sports F1 series, car physics
MTSMaster Track Pro FilesEA Sports F1 series, car physics
MTVMTV Ray Tracer graphic file
MUQuattro pro for DOS Menu definition fileQuattro Pro
MUMMicrosoft update fileMicrosoft
MUMMATLAB CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation Model fileMicrosoft
MUSSound fileFinale
MUSMusic format (MIDI in Doom)Finale
MUSFinale music documentFinale
MUZHover Game MIDI FileWindows' Hover! Game
MVFStop frame fileAutoCAD AutoFlix
MVIMovie command fileAutoCAD AutoFlix
MVODataMad Virgin 3D object
MVWLog fileSaber LAN
MWSMWave DSP synths instrumentAWAVE
MXDESRI ArcMap Document
MXFMaterial exchange format (RFC 4539, SMPTE 377M)
MXLPackRat 5.0 support DLLsPackRat 5.0
MXMMaterialMaxwell Render
MXMFExtensible Music Format
MXPAdobe Extension File
MXP3ds Max Configuration File
MXPMasterCook exported recipe
MXTDataMicrosoft C
MYDa MyISAM data file in MySQLMyISAM, MySQL
MYPPresentationMM Make Your Point
MZBinary-format MapMazeEdit
MZEText-format MapMazeEdit
MZGBinary-format Map CollectionMazeEdit
MZXBinary-format Encrypted MapMazeEdit
NAMName Space ModulesNovell NetWare
NAPNaplps file (VideoShow)EnerGraphics
NAPLPSNorth American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax
NBText fileMathematica
NBWolfram Mathematica Notebook (see Wolfram Language)Mathematica
NBFNokia Backup FileNokia Mobile Phones
NBSMinecraft Note Block Studio fileMinecraft Note Block Studio
NCSoftware packagenetCDF software package
NCInstructions for NC (Numerical Control) machinenetCDF software package
NCNon-error checking preprocessed Goc source codenetCDF software package
NCCCNC (Computer Numeric Control) control fileCamView 3D
NCDNorton Change Directory support fileMost PCB layout software
NCDNC Drill File (Excellon Format, printed circuit board hole definitions)Most PCB layout software
NCPRe-volt Collision fileRe-volt
NDNetConnect data file. Contains information on multi-user access to the company file.Intuit QuickBooks
NDBNetwork databaseIntellicom - Compex
NDLNodelist file
NDSNintendo DS ROM file used for Homebrew and commercial (Game) files on DSNintendo DS
NDXIndex filedBASE II - III - IV - dBFast
NEFNikon RAW image formatNikon cameras
NEISKorean Student Record Document학교생활기록부 작성 프로그램(Student Record Writing Program)
NEORaster graphics fileAtari Neochrome
NESiNES ROM image format
NETNetwork configuration/info file
NETCDFNetwork Common Data Format
NEUPro/Engineer neutral file formatPTC Pro/Engineer
NEWNew infoEmbroidermodder
NEWAmeco Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
NFFWorldToolKit Neutral File Format
NFFHaines Neutral File Format
NFOHelp format
NFOInfo file
NFOFolioview database
NGHypertext DatabaseNorton Guide
NGCG-Code fileInkscape G-Code tools extension
NGONG linker object fileNGML
NGSNG compiler source fileNGC
NIBNIB File Format
NIFnetimmerse/gamebyro file
NILNILIcon Hear-It
NITFNational Imagery Transmission Format
NK2e-mail address autocomplete archiveMicrosoft Office Outlook
NLNorton Desktop Icon Library
NLMNetware loadable moduleNovell Netware
NLSNational Language Support fileMS-DOS
NLXFormFormWorx 3.0
NMFNode Map FileUsed by SpicyNodes
NNNRAR archive volumes up to 999ARJ
NNNNetware unicode rule table (e.g. 1250_Uni.036)ARJ
NNNNews about smth with ext. of ver. numberARJ
NNNArj archive volumes up to 999ARJ
NOTYard Notes File
NOTENotability Note FileNotability
NPProject schedule (Nokia Planner)Nokia Planner
NPISource for DGEN.EXE interpreterdBASE Application Generator
NPJNile ProjectGame Mission Editor
NPRNuendo Project FileSteinberg Nuendo
NRGNero Disc Image FileNero Express / Burning ROM
NRRDNearly Raw Raster Data
NRWNikon Coolpix RAW imageNikon
NS2Lotus Notes Database
NS3Lotus Notes Database
NS4Lotus Notes Database
NSANullsoft Streaming Audio
NSFMusic moduleLotus Notes
NSFdatabaseLotus Notes
NSINullsoft Scriptable Install System
NSSNorton screensaver moduleNC - NDW Screen Saver
NSTMusic moduleAmiga Noise Tracker
NSVNullsoft Streaming Video
NSXCompound index fileSuccessWare SIX 3.00
NTStartup filesWindows NT
NTFdatabase design templateLotus Notes
NTHNokia Theme FileNokia PC Suite
NTRExecutable ASCII text file (strip header and rename)
NTSExecutable ASCII text file (strip header and rename)Norton
NTXDatabase index fileClipper 5
NUFMessage for new users on their 1st callProcomm Plus
NUGVideo NuggetCBT Nuggets
NUMBERSNumbers spreadsheet fileNumbers (Apple iWork '08)
NUTNUT Open Container Format
NVNewViews DOS accounting databaseQW Page NewViews
NV2NewViews accounting databaseQW Page NewViews
NWCNote Worthy documentNote Worthy
NWDNavisworks Document
NWSInfo text file (latest news) (ASCII)
NXTSound (NeXT format)
OObject fileUNIX - Atari - GCC
O01Typhoon vOice fileAWAVE
OAZFaxNetFax Manager
OBObject cut/paste fileIBM LinkWay
OBDMicrosoft Office BinderMSOffice
OBJCompiled machine language codeIntel Relocatable Object Module
OBJWavefront ObjectIntel Relocatable Object Module
OBJObject codeIntel Relocatable Object Module
OBJFDataTriangle strips object
OBRObject browser data fileBorland C++
OBTMicrosoft Office Binder TemplateMSOffice
OBVVisual interfaceObjectScript
OBZMicrosoft Office Binder WizardMSOffice
OCFObject Craft FileObject Craft
OCRIncoming fax transcribed to textFAXGrapper
OCTMusical fileOctalizer
OCXOLE custom control
OCXNew Custom Control's format in VB 4.0
ODBOpenDocument databaseLibreOffice Base
ODEXOptimised Dalvik Executable Format
ODFOpenDocument formulaLibreOffice Math
ODGOpenDocument drawingLibreOffice Draw
ODIFOpen Document Interchange Format
ODLType library sourceVisual C++
ODLObject Description LanguageVisual C++
ODMOpenDocument master documentLibreOffice Writer
ODPOpenDocument presentationLibreOffice Impress
ODSOpenDocument spreadsheetLibreOffice Calc
ODTOpenDocument text documentLibreOffice Writer
OEACCOUNTXML format, account filesMicrosoft e-mail software: Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook
OFDForm definitionObjectView
OFFObject File Format vector graphics file
OFFObject File Format vector graphics
OFMPostScript font description file
OFNMicrosoft Office documentsMicrosoft Office
OFTMicrosoft Outlook Email Message
OFXOpen Financial Exchange
OGGOgg multimedia container format
OGVOgg Multimedia Container
OHBSourceOn Hand Basic
OHSOutbound HistoryBink/+
OIFQuickBase file format
OKTMusic (8 channels)Oktalyzer
OKTMusic formatOktalyzer
OLBObject libraryVAX
OLDBackup file
OLIText fileOlivetti
OLKMicrosoft Outlook Address Book
OLSRConfiguration fileolsrd
OMAAudio fileLabelgate CD 2, MAGIQLIP2
OMFOpen Media FrameworkAvid Media Composer
OMGSony compressed audio file (ATRAC3)ATRAC3
ONEMicrosoft OneNote
ONEPKGMicrosoft OneNote Package File
OOFDataOutrage 3D Object Format (Descent)
OOG3D objectWEBOOGL 3D object
OOMSwap fileShroom
OPFObsidium Project File
OPJOrigin Project FileOrigin version 4.1 and later
OPNActive optionsExact
OPTOptimize support filename used by many programs for configuration information
OPTDelphi project optionsname used by many programs for configuration information
OPTOptionsname used by many programs for configuration information
OPUSOgg/Opus audio filempv, mplayer, many others (official file format).
OPWOrganization chartOrg Plus for Windows
OPXInactive optionsExact
OQYMicrosoft Excel OLAP Query
ORAParameter fileOracle
ORCOrchestra MIDI fileCSound
ORFOlympus RAW
ORGOlder Origin ProjectLotus Organizer
ORGCalendar fileLotus Organizer
OSKosu! skinosu!
OSRosu! replayosu!
OSTOffline Storage TableMicrosoft e-mail software: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook
OSZosu! beatmaposu!
OTBOver-the-air bitmap graphics
OTFSubtitle font information for media contentMedia players / software which support PGS subtitling
OTGOpenDocument drawing templateLibreOffice Draw
OTHOpenDocument HTML document templateLibreOffice
OTLThe Vim Outliner
OTLOutline font description
OTLVentura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format
OTPOpenDocument presentation templateLibreOffice Impress
OTSOpenDocument spreadsheet templateLibreOffice Math
OTTOpenDocument text document templateLibreOffice Writer
OTXText fileOlivetti Olitext Plus
OUTDesign II for Windows Output file
OUTOutput file
OV1Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OV2Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)TomTom Point of Interest
OVAOpen Virtualization Format package for packaging and distributing virtual appliances
OVFOpen Virtualization Format descriptor file, an XML file which describes the virtual machine packed inside an OVF package
OVLOverlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OVROverlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed) / LibreOffice
PRea-C-Time application parameter filePROGRESS
PPASCAL source code filePROGRESS
PParser source code filePROGRESS
PPicture filePROGRESS
PDatabase PROGRESS source codePROGRESS
P0?Split archive UC2SAS.EXE
P00P00 C64 Image Format
P01P00 C64 Image Format
P02P00 C64 Image Format
P03P00 C64 Image Format
P04P00 C64 Image Format
P10Certificate Request
P10Tektronix Plot
P12Personal Information Exchange"Crypto Shell Extensions"
P16Music (16 channels)ProTracker Studio 16
P21Standard for the Exchange of Product model data
P22Patch file (Patch22)Patch22
P2VBackupfile of a project in eventplanning software plan2viz (windowsbased)
P3TPlayStation 3 Theme filePS3 Theme settings menu
P65PageMaker Document
P7MPKCS #7 Crytographic message file
P80PLM-80 source
P86PLM-86 source
PABMicrosoft Outlook Personal Address Book
PACSBStudio II Package or Song
PACSTAD Image (graphics ?)
PACKAGEContentsThe Sims 2 - Spore - The Sims 3
PADKeypad definitionProdua
PADAutomatic print definitionsProdua
PAFFor Personal Ancestral File data files
PAGESPages document filePages (Apple iWork '08)
PALPalette fileMicrosoft Draw - Win. Paintbrush - many
PALPalette fileMicrosoft Draw - Win. Paintbrush - many
PAMPAM Portable Arbitrary Map graphics formatNetpbm
PANPrinter-specific file (copy to
PARPermanent output fileDigitalk PARTS
PARParameter fileDigitalk PARTS
PARParity ArchiveDigitalk PARTS
PARPARTS applicationDigitalk PARTS
PAR2Parity Archive v2
PARTPart of a download file
PASPascal language sourceBorland Pascal
PATGIMP patternPhotoshop
PATHatch patternsPhotoshop
PATGravis Ultrasound PatchPhotoshop
PATVector fill filesPhotoshop
PATPattern FilePhotoshop
PBProboard Conf. filesFAXability Plus
PBSetup fileFAXability Plus
PBPhonebookFAXability Plus
PBFaxFAXability Plus
PB1DocumentFirst Publisher for Windows
PBAPowerbasic BASIC source codeGenus
PBDPhone book
PBDMolecule (protein data bank)
PBIProfiler Binary InputGenus
PBIPowerbasic include fileGenus
PBKMicrosoft Network Phone bookMSN
PBLPowerbasic libraryGenus
PBLIBPower LibraryPowerBASIC
PBMPBM Portable Bit Map graphics formatXLib
PBMPlanar bitmap graphicsXLib
PBMBPortable Bitmap Image - Binary
PBOProfiler Binary OutputMicrosoft Source Profiler
PBTProfiler Binary TableMicrosoft Source Profiler
PCText file containing IBM PC specific info
PC2AutoCAD Plot Configuration File
PC3Custom paletteHarvard Graphics 3.0
PC8ASCII text IBM8 character setNewWave Write
PCAPerfect Clarity AudioSony Vegas Pro
PCAPpcap Packet Capture
PCAPNGpcap Next Generation Packet Capture
PCBArtwork design file (Circuit board design)P-CAD, PCBExpress, and other Printed Curcuit Board design software
PCBP-CAD databaseP-CAD, PCBExpress, and other Printed Curcuit Board design software
PCCCutout picture vector graphicsPC Paintbrush
PCDKodak Photo-CD Image graphics file (768x512)
PCDPfaff Embroidery Format
PCDGraphics format (Kodak Photo-CD)
PCFPixel Coordination Format
PCHPrecompiled header
PCHPatch file
PCJMultimedia authoring tool graphics fileIBM's Linkaway-Live
PCKPickfileTurbo Pascal
PCLHP-PCL graphics data fileHP Printer Command Language
PCMPfaff Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
PCMOKI MSM6376 synth chip PCMEmbroidermodder
PCPAutoCAD Plot Configuration File
PCQPfaff Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
PCSPCSurvey fileEmbroidermodder
PCSMicrosoft PowerPoint picture packageEmbroidermodder
PCSPfaff Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
PCTBitmap graphics fileMacintosh b&w PICT1 - color PICT2
PCWText filePC Write
PCXPC paintbrush bitmap formatQPeg - Display - ZSoft - PC Paintbrush, XnView
PDABitmap graphics
PDBPackrat 5.0 data fileMicrosoft Windows
PDBMolecule (protein data bank)Microsoft Windows
PDBcontainer format (envelope) for Palm OS databasesMicrosoft Windows
PDBdebugging dataMicrosoft Windows
PDDAdobe Photoshop Elements ImageAdobe Photoshop Elements
PDEsource code filePowerDesk Encrypted
PDEdataPowerDesk Encrypted
PDEPathology Data ExchangePowerDesk Encrypted
PDFGraphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit format)Pdifin.exe - Pdifout.exe
PDFPackage Definition FilePdifin.exe - Pdifout.exe
PDFAdobe's Portable Document FormatPdifin.exe - Pdifout.exe
PDFPrint device information NetwarePdifin.exe - Pdifout.exe
PDFPCAD Database Interchange FormatPdifin.exe - Pdifout.exe
PDGPrint Shop Deluxe data file
PDIPortable Database ImageSertintyONE
PDIProtected Digital IdentitySertintyONE
PDLProject Description Language fileBorland C++ 4.5
PDMProgramVisual Basic
PDMVisual Basic (VB) Project Information FileVisual Basic
PDMPowerDesigner's physical data model (relational model) file formatVisual Basic
PDNImage filePaint.NET
PDPBroderbund Print Shop Deluxe
PDSPldasm source code file (hardware assembly)
PDSPds graphics
PDSPlanetary Data System Format
PDSPALASM Design Description
PDTInkwriter/Notetaker Template
PDVPrinter driverPaintbrush
PDWDocumentProfessional Draw
PDXAdobe Portable Document Catalog Index File
PEBProgram Editor bottom overflow fileWordPerfect Library
PEDProgram Editor delete saveWordPerfect Library
PEKAdobe Audio Waveform
PEMProgram Editor macroWordPerfect Library
PEQProgram Editor print queue fileWordPerfect Library
PERProgram Editor resident areaWordPerfect Library
PESProgram Editor work space fileWordPerfect Library
PETProgram Editor top overflow filePuppy Linux
PETpackagePuppy Linux
PEXProboard EXecutable file (Executed from PB)Proboard
PFAType 3 font file (unhinted PostScript font)
PFAPostScript Font File
PFBAdobe Acrobat documentAdobe Type Manager (ATM)
PFBPostScript fontAdobe Type Manager (ATM)
PFCText fileAOL
PFC(Personal Filing Cabinet) contains e-mail, preferences and other personal informationAOL
PFFPortable Form File
PFKProgrammable function keysXTreePro
PFMWindows Type 1 font metric fileMicrosoft Windows, Adobe Acrobat Reader
PFMPostScript Type 1 font metric fileMicrosoft Windows, Adobe Acrobat Reader
PFSDatabase (PFS:FILE) - text file (PFS:Write)PFS
PFTPrinter fontChiWriter
PGPage cut/paste fileIBM LinkWay
PGDPGPdisk VolumePGP cripted disk
PGIPrinter Graphics File device driverPGRAPH library
PGLHP Plotter vector graphics format
PGMProgramJASC Media C
PGMGraphics format (Portable GrayMap)JASC Media C
PGMAPortable Grey Map - ASCII
PGMBPortable Grey Map - Binary
PGNPortable Game Notation -Text specification for Chess gameMost chess playing computer applications
PGPSupport filePretty Good Privacy RSA System
PGSManual pageman4dos
PGWESRI World File Format
PHOptimized .goh file
PHPerl header file
PHDPolyHedra Database
PHFDatabase FileNuverb Systems Inc: Donarius
PHMPhone bookDN - Lync
PHNPhone listUltraFax - QmodemPro
PHOPhone databaseMetz Phone for Windows
PHP3PHP 3 file
PHP4PHP 4 file
PI2Portrait Innovations High Resolution Encrypted Image filePortrait Innovations Studio2 (proprietary)
PICPIXAR picture fileCShow - Alchemy - Paint (Pictor)
PICLotus pictureCShow - Alchemy - Paint (Pictor)
PICBitmap graphics fileCShow - Alchemy - Paint (Pictor)
PIC123 Vector graphics formatCShow - Alchemy - Paint (Pictor)
PICTMacintosh Picture
PIEGlovePIE script fileGlovePIE
PIFProgram Information File
PIFOS/2 graphics metafile
PIFVector graphics GDF format file (IBM mainframe computers)
PIMPascal Text Mode Image FileThe Ultimate Draw
PIPEPIPE-FLO project design filePIPE-FLO Professional
PITPartition Information Table for Samsung's smartphone with Androidunpackit.zoo
PITFile used to connect to a remote system.unpackit.zoo
PITCompressed Mac file archive created by PACKITunpackit.zoo
PIVPivot Stick Animator filePivot Stick Animator
PIXAlias image fileSDSC Image Tool
PIXInset PixSDSC Image Tool
PJTAdditional (FPT) project description fileFoxPro
PJXMain (DBF) project description fileFoxPro
PKPeak file
PKPacKed bitmap font bitmap file (TeX DVI drivers)
PK2Quake 2 data fileid Software
PK3Quake 3 data fileid Software
PK4Doom 3 and Quake 4 data fileid Software
PKGInstaller scriptP-CAD
PKGP-CAD databaseP-CAD
PKLPickle filePython object serialization
PKTFido message packetFTN software
PLProperty List font metric fileIRAF astronomical data format
PLProlog source code fileIRAF astronomical data format
PLPerl source code fileIRAF astronomical data format
PLPaletteIRAF astronomical data format
PLIRAF pixel listIRAF astronomical data format
PL1PL/I source file3D Home Architect
PL1Room plan3D Home Architect
PL2PaletteDiablo II
PL3Chart paletteHarvard Graphics 3.0
PLANTUMLUML Diagram (also PU)PlantUML
PLBP-CAD libraryFoxPro
PLBFoxPro libraryFoxPro
PLCAdd-in file (functions - macros - applications)P-CAD
PLCP-CAD databaseP-CAD
PLDPhotoLine DocumentPhotoLine image processing
PLEEncrypted Chat LogMessenger Plus! Live Plugin - Log viewer
PLIPL/I source filePL/I compilers
PLISTMac OS Property List, also used on iOS, NeXTSTEP, and GNUstepApple's Property List Editor
PLLPrelinked libraryCA Clipper
PLMDisorderTracker2 music moduleAWAVE
PLNSpreadsheetWordPerfect for Win
PLPMessenger Plus! Sound Pack
PLSPlaylist fileWarpVision (OS/2)
PLSCMessenger Plus! Script PackMessenger Plus! Live Plugin
PLSKMessenger Plus! Skin PackMessenger Plus! Live Plugin
PLTTable for .pllPage Magic 2.0
PLTOutput file for ploterPage Magic 2.0
PLTPalettePage Magic 2.0
PLTHPGL plotter file vector graphicsPage Magic 2.0
PLTPage Magic 2.0 paper formatPage Magic 2.0
PLTP CAD: Output file editor for PCPLOT or PCPRINTPage Magic 2.0
PLYPolygon File Format or the Stanford Triangle Format.PopMail
PLYPresentation screenPopMail
PLY2DataPLY2 object
PMAuran Jet progressive mesh file (obsoleted by IM and LM)Presentation Manager
PMPerl modulePresentation Manager
PMBitmap graphicsPresentation Manager
PM3PageMaker 3.0 data filePageMaker 3.0
PM4DocumentPageMaker 4
PM5Aldus PageMaker 5.0 publicationAldus PageMaker
PM6PageMaker Document
PMAPMarc Archive
PMCGraphicsA4TECH Scanner
PMDPagemaker Document (Generic)
PMIOS/2 V3 SVGA PMI-FilePathWare
PMIPhatPad notePathWare
PMMProgram fileAmaris BTX/2
PMPPhotoMorph ProjectPhotoMorph
PMTPagemaker Document (Generic)
PN3Printer device driverHarvard Graphics 3.0
PNCLPinnacle filePinnacle by Optys Tech Corporation
PNFPre-compiled Setup Information fileMicrosoft Windows
PNGPortable Network Graphics
PNMPBM Portable aNy Map graphics file
PNTPointlist segment
PNTQWK reader pointer file
PNTMacintosh painting
PODUNIX perldoc File ("Plain Old Documentation")pod2man, pod2html
POFAltera FPGA programming file (External Flash)Altera Quartus
POHOptimized .goh fileGeoworks
POLInnovMetric Software Polygon Models Format
POLICYGroup Policy FileMicrosoft Windows
POLYDataPatrick Flynn's Poly Format - 3D object
POPPop-up menu objectPopMail
POPMessages indexPopMail
PORSPSS Portable Data Format
POTMicrosoft PowerPoint template
POTMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template
POTXMicrosoft PowerPoint Template
POVRaytraced graphics imagePersistence Of Vision
POWPower Chords instrument/song filePower Chords
PP4Picture Publisher Bitmap
PP5Picture Publisher Bitmap
PPAMicrosoft PowerPoint Add-in
PPAMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Add-In
PPBButton bar for Print PreviewWordPerfect for Win
PPDPostScript printer description file
PPIMicrosoft PowerPoint Graphics File
PPJPremiere ProjectPremiere
PPKArchive (using for many distributives)PPK
PPLPolaroidPalettePlus ColorKey device driverHarvard Graphics 3.0
PPMGraphics format (Portable PixelMap)JASC Media C.
PPMBPortable Pixel Map - Binary
PPOPreprocessor outputCA Clipper 5.*
PPSMicrosoft PowerPoint Slideshow (stand alone slideshow)
PPSMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Show
PPSXMS Office Open-XML Auto-Play PresentationMicrosoft PowerPoint
PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint PresentationMicrosoft PowerPoint
PPTMMacro Enabled Microsoft Powerpoint
PPTXMS Office Open-XML PresentationMicrosoft PowerPoint
PPZMicrosoft Powerpoint Packaged Presentation
PR1Packrat 4.0 data filePackrat 4.0
PR2Printer driverPackrat 4.x
PR2PresentationPackrat 4.x
PR2Packrat 4.x data filePackrat 4.x
PR3PostScript printer driverAldus Persuasion 3.x
PR3PresentationAldus Persuasion 3.x
PRC"Product Representation Compact", for embedding 3D data in a PDF filePalm OS, Garnet OS, Access Linux Platform, Mobipocket
PRCcontainer format (envelope) for Palm OS databasesPalm OS, Garnet OS, Access Linux Platform, Mobipocket
PRDPrinter driver
PREStork graphic file
PRFProfiler outputCheckIt Pro 1.0
PRFPrinter driverCheckIt Pro 1.0
PRFPixel Run Format graphics fileCheckIt Pro 1.0
PRFCheckIt Pro v1.0 data fileCheckIt Pro 1.0
PRGProgramCA Clipper
PRGProgram sourceCA Clipper
PRGProgram source code (e.g. Clipper language)CA Clipper
PRIPrinter definitionsLocoScript
PRJBorland C++ IDE project fileMkd project file to extract documentation
PRJMkd (Unix command)Mkd project file to extract documentation
PRKSimPark Saved FileSimPark
PRNUsually printer output fileLotus 1-2-3 - Symphony
PRNPrinter driverLotus 1-2-3 - Symphony
PRNText fileLotus 1-2-3 - Symphony
PROProboard conf. file
PROProlog language source
PROPunch! Home Design File
PROGraphics profile file
PROPROLOG source code file
PROJProject File (Interface Builder)NeXT
PROPERTIESJava properties fileJava applications
PROTOMessage specificationGoogle Protocol Buffers
PRRThe Perfect Resume data filePerfect Resume
PRSPrinter Resource e.g. fonts
PRSNorton Viewer DLL file
PRTPrinter driverCadkey
PRTP-CAD componentCadkey
PRTPart or DrawingCadkey
PRXCompiled programFoxPro
PSDocument in PostScript formatAdobe
PS1Windows Powershell scriptWindows PowerShell
PSAArchive (Pretty Simple Archive)PSA.OUT (GNU)
PSBFor big Photoshop filesPhotoshop Document
PSDPeriscope Debbuger Def filePhotoshop document
PSDPhotoshop bitmap filePhotoshop document
PSDDesign II for Windows Process Simulation DiagramPhotoshop document
PSETruncated form of PSEG (see below)
PSEPyMOL session
PSEGBitmap graphicsIBM printer Page SEgment
PSFOutline PostScript printer fontChiWriter
PSF1Portable Sound Format
PSFLIBPortable Sound Format
PSIDPlay SID Audio
PSMSymbol table of IDEProtracker - MASI
PSM3D ModelProtracker - MASI
PSMMusic format (Protracker Studio Module)Protracker - MASI
PSM1Windows Powershell moduleWindows Powershell
PSNPresentation file for Sound ScriptWin
PSPimage file with layersPaint Shop Pro (all versions)
PSPIMAGEPaint Shop Pro Image
PSQPremiere SequencePremiere
PSTPostbox fileMicrosoft Outlook
PSTArchive FileMicrosoft Outlook
PSVPlayStation 2/PlayStation 3 saved gamePlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3
PSWFile w/ passwords for any program/gamemany
PTKodak Precition Color Management SystemPlayer Tools
PTGame crackPlayer Tools
PT3TemplateHarvard Graphics 3.0
PT3Device driverHarvard Graphics 3.0
PT4TemplatePageMaker 4
PT5Aldus PageMaker 5.0 publication templateAldus PageMaker
PTBScriptPower Tab Editor
PTBPower Tab SoftwarePower Tab Editor
PTFPro Tools Session FilePSP Theme settings menu
PTFPlayStation Portable Theme filePSP Theme settings menu
PTGPanasonic Title Graphics
PTLPremiere TitlePremiere
PTMPage Magic 2.0 template
PTMMusic format
PTPEDPedFast Technologies Pedigree DatabaseThe Breeder's Standard, iPed, The Cattery's Standard, Equestrian's Standard
PTRQWK reader pointer fileICONEDIT.EXE
PTROS/2 cursor image fileICONEDIT.EXE
PTUPerformer Terrain Utilities
PTXPro Tools 10 session fileAvid Pro Tools
PUUML Diagram (also PLANTUML)PlantUML
PUBPage templateVentura Publisher - 1st Publisher
PUBPublic key ring fileVentura Publisher - 1st Publisher
PUBPackage FileVentura Publisher - 1st Publisher
PUBPublicationVentura Publisher - 1st Publisher
PUDWarcraft II Map fileWarcraft II
PUTGraphics formatPUT
PVKPrivate Key FileMicrosoft Authenticode
PVMTexture FilesPVMEdit
PVTLocal Fidonet pointlistFTN software
PWText fileProfessional Write
PWDPocket Word Document
PWFWorkflow FilesMac OS X Server Podcast Producer
PWIInkwriter/Notetaker Document
PWKWorkspace FilePolyWorks
PWLPassword List
PWPText documentProfessional WritePlus
PWTPocket Word Template
PXParadox 3.0 fileParadox 3.0
PXP3DS Process file3D Studio
PXRPixiar PicioAltamiraComposer
PXZCompressed file to exchange media elementsPSALMO
PYPython script filePython interpreter
PYCCompiled Python modulePython interpreter
PYDPython DLLPython interpreter
PYICognos Powerplay Model
PYKPYK Compressed FilePYK
PYOOptimized compiled Python modulePython interpreter
PYWPython Script Without Console WindowPython interpreter
PZDDefault settingsPizazz Plus
PZFGraphPad Prism
PZIGraphics formatPZP
PZMGraphPad Prism
PZOOverlay filePizazz Plus
PZPPalettePizazz Plus
PZSSettingsPizazz Plus
PZTTransfer filePizazz Plus
PZXSwap filePizazz Plus
Q0Q0 graphic file
Q3SDataQuick3D Scene
QAGQuick Access GroupNorton Desktop
QAPApplicationOmnis Quartz - Omnis Studio
QBTony Hawk's Pro Skater series scripting files
QBBQuickbooks Backup File
QBESaved query (Query By Example)dBASE IV - Quattro Pro
QBOCompiled querydBASE IV
QBWSpreadsheetQuickBooks for Windows
QCDQuark Xpress Data File
QCHQt Compressed HelpTrolltech Qt Assistant
QCPMp3 extension on Motorola ringtonesMotorola Phones
QCTQuark Xpress Data File
QDFQuicken data file
QDKBackup of startup files created by OptimizeQEMM
QDNData file - segment nOmnis Quartz- Omnis Studio
QDRConfiguration fileQ-Dir
QDVGraphics fileSteve Blackstock Giffer
QEFQuery fileQ+E for Microsoft Excel
QELQuicken Data File
QFXQuicken-specific implementation of the OFX specificationQuickLink
QG3DataQuickMem Greek
QHCQt Help CollectionTrolltech Qt Assistant
QHCPQt Help Collection ProjectTrolltech Qt Assistant
QHPQt Help ProjectTrolltech Qt Assistant
QICQuarter Inch Cartridge Host Interchange Format
QIFQuicken Interchange FormatIntuit Quicken
QIZWorld book quizWorld Book
QLBQuick libraryMicrosoft C/C++
QLCATM Type 1 fonts scriptAdobe Type Manager
QLPPrinter driverQuickLink
QM4Options or services fileQMail 4.x Mail Door
QPRGenerated query programOS/2
QPRPrint queue device driverOS/2
QPTQuark Xpress Data File
QPWQuattro Pro Spreadsheet
QPXCompiled executable QBE query fileFoxPro
QRPDatabase report fileQuickReport
QRSEquation Editor support fileWordPerfect for Win
QRTGraphics format (QRT ray tracing)
QSQsplat Model
QSDQuadriSpace Format
QSLQuadriSpace Format
QSMQuadriSpace Format
QSTQuadriSpace Format
QTQuickTime movie (animation)
QTVRQuickTime VR Movie
QUOXQuestion Object DocumentQuobject Designer and Quobject Explorer
QVDQlikView Document (Data)QlikView Compressed Database File
QVWQlikView Document (View)QlikView Presentation File
QWKQWK reader message file
QXLElement libraryQuarkXPress
QXPQuark Xpress Data File
QXP REPORTQuark Xpress Report File
QXP%20REPORTQuark Xpress Report File
QXTQuark Xpress Data File
RScript file
RRatfor file
R00, R01, ...Part of a multi-file RAR archive
R2DReflex 2 datafileReflex 2
R3DRed Raw Video (raw video data created with a Red camera)Red Camera
R8Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane onePicLab
R8PPCL 4 bitmap font fileIntellifont
RARemote Access conf. filesRA
RA0, RA1, ...Part of a multi-file RAR archive
RADRadianceReality AdLib Tracker
RAD2-op FM musicReality AdLib Tracker
RAFFujifilm RAW Image Format
RALRemote Access Language fileRemote Access
RASGraphics formatSUN Raster
RASTERWESRI World File Format
RATDatafile (RATS)
RAWQRT graphic file
RAWHSI raw graphic file
RAWPCM Signed Raw Sound File
RBRuby Script file
RCResource Scriptemacs
RCWindows resource compiler scriptemacs
RCUUPC configuration filesemacs
RCResource Compiler script fileemacs
RCConfiguration fileemacs
RCGNetscape newsgroup file (netsc.rcg)
RCTRoller Coaster Tycoon
RDATAData fileR
RDFCompiled UIC source codeGeoworks UI Compiler
RDIDevice-independent bitmap file (RIFF RDIB format)
RDPRDP connectionRemote Desktop connection
RECArchivation protocolEpiInfo
RECRecord fileEpiInfo
RECWindows Recorder Macro FileEpiInfo
REDREDuced nodelist fileClarion Modula-2
REDPath infoClarion Modula-2
REGOLE Registration file
REGRegistration information or key
RELForeground job relocatable fileRT-11
REMRemarks definitionSourcer
REPReport file used by many applications
REPQWK reader reply file
REQFile requestFTN Software
RESDBASE resourcesWin
RESCompiled resourceWin
RESWindows compiled resource packageWin
REVRevision fileGeoworks
REXRexx language source fileOracle
REXPharLab executable file (old format)Oracle
REXReport definitionOracle
REZResource file
RFSun raster graphics file
RF64Broadcast WAVE
RFARevit Family File
RFMReport ForMat (script for customized report)Nuverb Systems Inc: Donarius
RFTDCA/RFT Revisable Format Text fileIBM DisplayWrite 4.0-5.1
RGBSGI RGB image file (RAW)SDSC Image Tool
RGBERadiance RGBE Image Format
RGXSymbol tables etc. infoReaGeniX code generator
RHResource header fileRC.EXE
RHWindows resource file headerRC.EXE
RHISTORYCommand history logfileR
RHTMeRuby HTML document
RHTMLeRuby HTML document
RIDataLotus 1-2-3
RIBGraphics (Renderman Interface Bytestream)3D Reality
RIFRIFF bitmap graphics (Resource Interchange File Format)Fractal Design Painter
RIPTeleGrafix Remote Imaging ProtocolMaximus 3.0
RIXGraphics (ColoRIX Image File)ColoRIX
RL4Bitmap graphics
RL8Bitmap graphics
RLAWavefront raster image fileSDSC Image Tool
RLBData hgw.rlbHarvard Graphics Win
RLCGraphics 1bit/pixel scanner output
RLDNorton Commander 5.0 temp fileNC 5.0
RLDOSIMapDef. RecLoad DefinitionNC 5.0
RLEUtah Run Length Encoded rasterfile graphic fileSDSC Image Tool
RLZREALIZER source code fileCA-Realizer
RMDRedcode Metadata (RMD) File
RMIWindows alternate synthesized sound formatRIFF RMID format
RMKMake fileCA Clipper - RMAKE
RMVBRealMedia Variable BitrateRealPlayer
RNXPL program for Nota Bene users
RNAReal Native Application File
RNDRendering SlideAutoCAD AutoShade
RNNMulti volume RAR archiveRAR
RNORunoff fileVAX
ROLFM music Adlib Music FileRoland
ROMRead Only Memory image in emulators, AONs, etc.
ROOCODASYL DBMS Database RootOracle
RPBData report file used by CP BackupCP Backup
RPCRich Photorealistic ContentArchVision
RPFAutoCAD patternACAD
RPLText documentReplica
RPMRed Hat Package ManagerRed Hat Linux
RPTReport file used by many applications
RQYMicrosoft Excel OLE DB Query
RRDReduced Resolution DatasetESRI (GIS)
RSRust language sourceAmiga Resource - Reassembler
RSData fileAmiga Resource - Reassembler
RS_Resource fork of a Macintosh fileMac-ette
RSCResource fileViewMax - many
RSLResource Library used by PC Tools for Windowsresolver one
RSLApplication - Projectresolver one
RSPResponse file (text file containing input expected by e.g. LINK)OS/2
RSPResponse FileOS/2
RSYFLEXIT Multishot Survey Raw Data fileFLEXIT
RTERevit Template
RTFRich Text Format text file (help file script)Microsoft Word i inne
RTLText fileNorton Utilities
RTLHP RTL graphic fileNorton Utilities
RTLRun-Time libraryNorton Utilities
RTPRTPatch software update package data filePocket soft patch
RTSRealizer executable fileCA-Realizer
RTSRuntime library fileCA-Realizer
RULEcho-conference rules
RUNPC Tools for Windows batch fileAMPL
RUNAMPL script fileAMPL
RUNZpseudo-executable file, used in Portable Apps and software installers for Super OSRUNZ Framework
RUSRussian text
RVRaw Wind Data
RVMobile pricelist data file
RVGRevit External Group
RVTRevit Project
RW2Panasonic Raw
RWSBorland Resource Workshop symbol fileBorland C++
RWSResource Workshop data fileBorland C++
RWXMEME Shape File
RWXCriterion RenderWare
RWZMicrosoft Outlook Rules Wizard FileMicrosoft Outlook
RXDReflex 1 datafileReflex 1
RZKFile Crypt password fileAll text editors
RZXFile Crypt encrypted fileFile Crypt (Akte Krypta, Kriptirnik)
SMulti Edit macro file sourceunix
SMSTS Shape fileunix
SASSEMBLY source code fileunix
S$$Temporary sort fileSprint
S19Motorola ASCII format of executables
S1KS1000 Simnet Format
S3IDigiplayer/ST3 Sample FileDigiplayer - ST3
S3MMusic (16 channels)Scream Tracker 3.0 - DMP
S7ISeed7 library / include fileSeed7 interpreter and compiler
SA?Packed mailFTN software
SABSaber fileStar Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
SAFESafeIT Encrypted
SAIFSpatial Archive Interchange Format
SAMText fileAmi Pro
SAMAmi Pro data fileAmi Pro
SANLucasArts' SMUSH/INSANE animation
SAPAtari SAP music format
SASSAS Program FileSAS System
SAS7BCATStatistical Analysis System Catalog (Windows)
SAS7BDATStatistical Analysis System Data (Windows)
SATSStatic sourceATS
SAVSaved game state
SAVSPSS "System File"
SAVBackup file (saved file)
SAVERScreensaverMac OS X
SBScratch projectAWAVE
SBAudio file (signed byte)AWAVE
SBRaw Signed PCM Byte 8bit dataAWAVE
SBRaw Signed Byte (8bit) dataAWAVE
SB2Scratch 2.0 projectScratch
SBDStoryboardStoryboard Editor
SBISound Blaster Instrument file (Creative Labs)
SBKEmu SoundFont Bank (AWE32 Bank)Convert (c) Villena
SBLStony Brook Pascal librarySB Pascal
SBNESRI Spatial Index File
SBPDML programSuperbase 4
SBRSupport fileSource Browser
SBTNotes related to recordSuperbase 4 Windows
SBXFor experimental extensions to ScratchUsed by SeqBox
SBXSequenced Box containerUsed by SeqBox
SCDisplay driverBorland Paradox
SCPAL scriptBorland Paradox
SCScriptBorland Paradox
SC3Saved CitydBASE IV
SC3Screen device driverdBASE IV
SC3Renamed dBASE III screen mask filedBASE IV
SC4Saved CityRollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe/Expansion Pack
SC4Game ScenarioRollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe/Expansion Pack
SC6Game ScenarioRollerCoaster Tycoon 2
SC7Statistical Analysis System Catalog (Windows)
SCALAScala source code fileScala (programming language)
SCCText file
SCDSCODOL film recorder (Scan Conversion Object Description Language)SCODOL
SCFStandard Chromatogram FormatSymphony
SCFStandard Chromatogram FormatSymphony
SCFWindows Explorer Command (e.g.: show desktop.scf)Symphony
SCFMultimedia showSymphony
SCFSpelling checker configuration fileSymphony
SCHCircuit Design SchematicSchedule Publisher
SCHProject scheduleSchedule Publisher
SCHDOCCircuit Design SchematicProtel - Altium Designer
SCHEMATICMCEdit Schematic fileMCEdit Tool for Minecraft
SCISystem Configuration InformationSciFax
SCMSchematic file (Circuit Diagram for PCB design)
SCMScheme source code file
SCMStarCraft mission
SCNScreen file
SCOHigh score
SCRScript file sourceLocoScript
SCRScreen - screen snapshotLocoScript
SCRScreen snapshopLocoScript
SCRScreen saverLocoScript
SCRAny other screen systemLocoScript
SCRForth screen (source) fileLocoScript
SCRDEBUG source code fileLocoScript
SCRScreen fontLocoScript
SCTAdditional (FPT) screen description fileFoxPro
SCTORRaster graphics format used by some very obscure custom operating systems
SCXStarCraft: Brood War scenarioFoxPro
SCXGraphics formatFoxPro
SCXMain (DBF) screen description fileFoxPro
SCYSecurity fileReaGeniX
SDSound Designer I audio fileAWAVE
SD2Sound Designer II Audio File
SD7Seed7 source fileSeed7 interpreter and compiler
SDAFidonet's Software Distribution Network file archive description
SDCVideoDigimaxMaster - Samsung NV3
SDCSynopsys Design ConstraintsDigimaxMaster - Samsung NV3
SDDStarOffice Impress
SDFSystem Data Format file (fixed length ASCII text)microdrones GmbH
SDFSource definition filemicrodrones GmbH
SDFMicrosoft SQL Server Compact Edition database filemicrodrones GmbH
SDFFlight datamicrodrones GmbH
SDISoftware Distribution Network Info file
SDKRoland S-550/S-50/W-30 Disk Image
SDLAlias Wavefront Scene Description Language
SDMSigned Differential Mapping brain maps and/or distributionsSigned Differential Mapping
SDMLSpatial Data Modeling Language
SDNSoftware Distribution Network compressed file archivepak251.exe
SDRSmartDraw FileSmartDraw Pro
SDSSelf Defining Structure provides for N-dimensional very large datasets using HHCode
SDSMIDI Sample DUMP Standard File
SDTSSpatial Data Transfer Standard
SDWAmi Draw Symbol File
SDXSample DUMP Exchange File
SEASelf-Extracting compressed Macintosh file Archive
SECSecured animation fileDiskreet
SECSecret key ring fileDiskreet
SECcompressed fileDiskreet
SECDiskreet encrypted fileDiskreet
SEDSelf extraction directive fileIExpress
SEGYSEG Y Data Exchange Format
SENScifer Archive Format (Internal Header Mode)
SEPPrinter separator page
SEQSequential Instruction File
SEQVideo sequence
SEQABI Text Sequence
SEQAtari animation file
SESSession infoAdobe Audition
SESMultitrack Audio Session infoAdobe Audition
SETDriver sets created by Install1st Reader
SETExtension used by Norton Backup and CPS Backup for setup info1st Reader
SETYVD card set file1st Reader
SETSetup options file1st Reader
SETConfiguration file1st Reader
SETHump Assignments File1st Reader
SFWPS attribute storage (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell) wp_root.sfCSound package - MixView sound sample editor
SFJAR Digital SignatureCSound package - MixView sound sample editor
SFIRCAM Sound FileCSound package - MixView sound sample editor
SF2Emu SoundFont Bank v2.0 fileAWAVE
SFBConfiguration file
SFBHP Soft font (obsolete under Windows)
SFDSoundStage Data fileAWAVE
SFFStandard Flowgram Format
SFFScene File Format
SFIGraphicsVentura Publisher
SFIPrinter font (HP LaserJet landscape)Ventura Publisher
SFLSound filelandscape - Intellifont - Ventura Publisher
SFLPCL 4 bitmap font (landscape)landscape - Intellifont - Ventura Publisher
SFOBitstream font file - fontware format
SFPPCL 4 bitmap fontportrait - Intellifont - Ventura Publisher
SFRSonic Foundry Sample ResourceAWAVE
SFSPCL 5 scalable font fileIntellifont
SFTScreen fontChiWriter
SFVSimple file verification checksum filemany file verification tools
SFXSFX (self-extracting archives) scriptdBASE IV
SFXRenamed dBASE III screen mask filedBASE IV
SG1GraphicsStanford Graphics
SGFSmart Game FormatStarwriter
SGFDocument with graphicsStarwriter
SGIGraphics fileIRIS - Silicon Graphics
SGMStandard Generalized Markup Language
SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language
SGTSave/get keyboard macroSignature
SHUnix shell scriptSHAR
SH3PresentationHarvard Graphics 3.0
SH3DSweet home 3d fileSweet home 3d
SHA1SHA1 Checksum verification FileHashCheck (Windows)
SHA256SHA256 File
SHARArchiveUNSHAR (Unix)
SHGSegmented Hyper GraphicsMicrosoft's shed.exe, JGsoft's Hotspot Builder, EC Software's Help and Manual
SHMShell macroWordPerfect Library
SHPESRI shapefileAutoCAD
SHPShape file and sdiv id="PYI"> PYIource file for text fontsAutoCAD
SHSShell Scrap Object FileWindows XP and earlier versions
SHTHTML format for WWWNetScape
SHWPresentationWordPerfect Presentations, PMview Slide Show
SHWSlide showWordPerfect Presentations, PMview Slide Show
SHXESRI shapefileAutoCAD
SHXShape entitiesAutoCAD
SIBSibelius fileSibelius 1-5
SIDSound Interface Device file formatSIDplayer, SIDplay, sidplay2 /w
SIFSetup Installation Files infoWindows NT Setup
SIGCurrent program settingsgpg, PopMail, ThunderByte AntiVirus
SIGSignature filegpg, PopMail, ThunderByte AntiVirus
SIKBackup file (Sicherungskopie)Microsoft Word
SIMSimon document file - Simon instruction software editor
SISsymbian file
SITArchive (Macintosh)STUFFIT
SITXStuffit X Archive File
SKBSketchUp Document
SKFAutoSketch Drawing
SKPGoogle SketchUp file
SKYSYLK Spreadsheet file (used by Multiplan)
SLS-Lang source code file
SLBSlide libraryP-CAD
SLBP-CAD library (symbols)P-CAD
SLCSALT (script from Telix) compiled codeTelix
SLDMMicrosoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slide
SLISlideMAGICorp Slide Service
SLKSYLK Symbolic Link format data fileMicrosoft Excel
SLKMicrosoft Excel import formatMicrosoft Excel
SLLSound data filePowerBASIC
SLLStatic Link LibraryPowerBASIC
SLNMicrosoft Visual Studio SolutionMicrosoft Visual Studio
SLPLocalization project fileAge of Empires (video game)
SLPSLP command file created by SRCCOMAge of Empires (video game)
SLPAge of Empires graphics fileAge of Empires (video game)
SLTSALT Script Application Language for Telix script sourceTelix
SLVSolution for any gamemany
SMScriptSoftSpoken Mailer
SMText fileSoftSpoken Mailer
SMStepMania Step FileSoftSpoken Mailer
SMSMALLTALK source code fileSoftSpoken Mailer
SMMaillistSoftSpoken Mailer
SMCSuper MagiCom SNES ROM imageSuper MagiCom
SMCLVLSecret Maryo Chronicles LevelSecret Maryo Chronicles
SMF3D World Studio mesh files
SMIApple Disk Copy Image
SMILSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMKSmacker video Format (RAD Video)
SMLSystem Macro LibraryRT-11
SMMAmi Pro Macro FileAmi Pro
SMNFont (ParaGraph's WorkScript format)
SMPSample (sound file)Samplevision
SMPSamplevision FileSamplevision
SMPLDataMegahedron 3D object
SMSMSTS Sound management system fileMSTS
SMTText fileSmart Ware II
SNCompressed song fileSound Club editor
SNDPower Chords drum sound fileMacintosh/ATARI/PC
SNDDigitized sound fileMacintosh/ATARI/PC
SNDBSQLNotes databaseSQLNotes
SNGSaved game file for StarCraftMidisoft Studio - Prism
SNGSong (midi sound)Midisoft Studio - Prism
SNOSNOBOL4 source code file
SNOOPSnoop Packet Capture
SNPOutput video format from Computer Eyes equipment
SNPMicrosoft Access report snapshot
SNPBook-shelf for .BOO
SNPDFSNAP Processed Data File
SNXSaved game file for StarCraft: Brood WarStarCraft: Brood War
SOshared object, dynamically linked libraryUnix, Linux
SOARSoar Production file
SOFAltera FPGA programming file (internal RAM)Altera Quartus
SOLAdobe Flash shared object ("Flash cookie") (Movie, film, video and multimedia file type)
SOLSolution e.g. game walkthroughs
SOMSort informationParadox
SOMNetwork serial numbersParadox
SONSongSBStudio II
SOUTemporary BATCH file
SOUSBStudio II Sound File
SOUSound data (sound tool)
SPArchive (unix)SPLINT
SPAOMNIC Spectral Data File
SPCProgramThermo Scientific
SPCTemporary fileThermo Scientific
SPCSNES SPC-700 Sound FileThermo Scientific
SPCSpectroscopic data (scientific)Thermo Scientific
SPDScalable fontSpeedo - Harvard Graphics 3.0
SPFSlide presentation file
SPFSQR Portable Format
SPIGraphics (Siemens and Philips scanner)
SPIFFStill Picture Interchange File Format
SPINSpin source fileParallax Propeller Microcontrollers
SPLPersonal spell dictionarySPLINT
SPLDivided file segmentSPLINT
SPLPrint spooling fileSPLINT
SPLCustomized printer driverSPLINT
SPMData wp{wp}.spmWordPerfect
SPPPrinter fileSprint
SPRGenerated executable screen file
SPRDocument letter
SPRStory Board sprites
SPSExported SyncBack profileVAX/VMS
SPSScreen driverVAX/VMS
SPSSPSSx source code fileVAX/VMS
SPTData support file (MITAC disk/system management utility pack)
SPTSPITBOL source code file
SPVSPSS Output File (spv)
SPXOgg Speex bitstreamFoxPro
SPXCompiled executable screen fileFoxPro
SQDSquish message baseSquish
SQISquish message base indexSquish
SQLStructured Query LanguageAny SQL database
SQLSquish message base lastread pointersAny SQL database
SQLITESQLiteFirefox SQLiteBrowser
SQLITE3SQLite Database File Format
SQMWindows Live Messenger log file
SQNNote fileSquareNote
SRCSourceAurora Compiler
SRCMulti-edit sourceAurora Compiler
SRCSource codeAurora Compiler
SRC.RPMRPM Package Manager file
SRFSun Raster File graphics file
SRTSubtitle formatSubRip
SSScreen saverSplash
SSBitmap graphicsSplash
SSCCelestia Solar System Catalog fileCelestia
SSFGraphic fileSnagIt Studio File/PC
SSGSaved gameSimsig
SSIFStereoscopic Interleaved fileMedia playback devices / software that supports Blu-ray 3D
SSPDatafileSAS Transport
SSRFLEXIT Singleshot Survey Raw Data fileFLEXIT
SSTAVHRR graphic file
SSVSpreadsheet viewer file
STStampScream Tracker
STSMALLTALK source code fileScream Tracker
STInstrument libraryScream Tracker
STASaved stateStatistica
STAData fileStatistica
STBSymbol table fileGenus GX Kernel
STBStub libraryGenus GX Kernel XML spreadsheet templateCelestia
STCCelestia Star Catalog fileCelestia XML drawing templateProsa
STDState Transition Diagram graphic fileProsa
STEPStandard for the Exchange of Product model data
STFArchiveSHRINKTOFIT XML presentation Impress
STLSubtitle files EBU-standard
STLStereolithography Interface Format
STMState Transition Diagram model fileST - DMP
STMMusic format (4 channels) (Scream Tracker Module)ST - DMP
STOPascal stub OBJ fileGenus GX Kernel
STPSubtitler ProjectBelle Nuit Subtitler
STRPlayStation video filedBASE Application Generator
STRGate3 table structure filedBASE Application Generator
STRStructure list object filedBASE Application Generator
STSProject status infoST 2.0-2.3
STSMusic format (Scream Tracker Song)ST 2.0-2.3
STUStudio ProjectPinnacle Studio (video editing software)
STUFFEVE Online compressed file archiveCCP hf XML text document templateSmartTerm for Windows
STWData fileSmartTerm for Windows
STXElectronic book
STXTax form
STXMusic format
STYAmi Pro Template (Style); used by other programs for `styles`many
STYStyle library or sheetmany
SUSaurus source file
SU?Packed mailFTN software
SUBSubtitle formatSubViewer; Author David Dolinski
SUCSaurus byte-code fileSaurus VM
SUFSony camera configuration file (setup.suf)XDCAM-EX camcorders
SUISUIT librarySimple User Interface Toolkit
SUNSun rasterfile graphics fileSun Microsystems
SUOSolution User OptionsMicrosoft Visual Studio
SUPSupplementary dictionarySupRip
SUPSubtitle file (Blu-ray encapsulated container)SupRip
SURSurface topography (in native "SURF" format)MountainsMap
SV4Saved Game FileRollerCoaster Tycoon
SV6Saved Game FileRollerCoaster Tycoon 2
SVCRepresents the ServiceHost instance hosted by Internet Information ServicesWindows Communication Foundation
SVDAutosave file for documentMicrosoft Word
SVFSimple Vector Format
SVGScalable Vector GraphicsMicrosoft Word
SVGAutosave file for glossaryMicrosoft Word
SVGZScalable Vector Graphics Compressed
SVQMRC-Pro sequencers music formatRoland Corporation synths such as XP or Fantom series
SVRSuperScape Virtual Reality Format
SVSAutosave file for style sheetMicrosoft Word
SVWSuper Video WindowsConversion Artist
SVXInterchange, 8SVX/16SVAWAVE
SWRaw Signed Word (16bit) dataAWAVE
SW3Scriptware Script Format
SWFShockwave FlashMacromedia
SWGSWAG Pascal Snippets fileSWIG
SWGSWIG source codeSWIG
SWIFTSwift source codeSwift (programming language)
SWMWindows Imaging Format
SWPSwap fileSprint
SWPDocument backupSprint
SWTHump Routes FileFYM XML Calc XML Draw XML master document XML Impress XML Calc
SXP3DS Process file3D Studio XML text Writer
SY1SmartPix symbol libraryAmi Pro
SY3Symbol file
SY3Harvard Graphics format
SYDSysedit backup file
SYDBackup of startup files created by QEMM (?) autoexec.syd
SYGMonitor and handler files created by SYSGENRT-11
SYMProgram symbol table
SYMP-CAD component (symbols)
SYMPrecompiled headers
SYMSymbol file
SYMCompiler symbolic information file
SYNSynonym fileSDSC Image Tool
SYNSDSC Synu image fileSDSC Image Tool
SYSSystem file - device driver or hardware configuration infoSYGRAPH - SYSTAT - SPSS/PC
SYWYamaha SY-85/SY-99 Wave FileHarvard Graphics Win
SYWGraphics file (symbol)Harvard Graphics Win
SZPROJSZInstallSystem ProjectSoftwareZator 2011 Standart Edition
TTADS sourcetar
TTester symbol tabletar
TArchive without compression (tape)tar
T$MAVG scan log filesAVG
T?HTurbo Help file (Pascal, C, Assembler, ...)Borland Thelp
T2BBookeen Cybook thumbnailCybook
T2FLOWTaverna 2 workflow definitionTaverna workbench
T2LTrue2Life file format3D Internet content developers
T44Temporary file for Sort or IndexdBASE IV
T64ProgramC64S emulator
TAGQuery tag nameDataFlex
TAHHelp file for Turbo AssemblerBorland C++
TAKAudio codec, Lossless audio file formatWinamp (+Plugin), foobar2000 (+Plugin), Media Player Classic - BE
TALText illustrationAdobe
TALAdobe Type AlignAdobe
TAPTape fileZX Spectrum emulator by g.a.lunter
TBTab file (Virtual Desktop Tab)Tabbery
TB1Font fileBorland Turbo C
TB2Font fileBorland Turbo C
TBFFaxImavox TurboFax
TBKToolbookdBASE IV - FoxPro
TBKFOXPRO template backup filedBASE IV - FoxPro
TBKMemo backupdBASE IV - FoxPro
TBLTable of valuesVolkov Commander, DOSLFN
TBLShort for TableVolkov Commander, DOSLFN
TBLGate3 table fileVolkov Commander, DOSLFN
TBLGraphics file (native format)Volkov Commander, DOSLFN
TBLAldus TableEditor fileVolkov Commander, DOSLFN
TBLbinary Unicode conversion tableVolkov Commander, DOSLFN
TBRNorton Desktop custom toolbarNDW
TBSText elements ?? (Textbausteine)Microsoft Word
TBXTableProject Scheduler 4 - TermBase eXchange (ISO 30042)
TBZArchiveWinZipNT - TAR - Bzip2
TCConfigurationTurbo C - Borland C++
TCCTI-Nspire OS upgrade fileTI-Nspire CX CAS
TCHHelp fileTurbo C - Borland C++
TCLTool Command Language source codeSwat
TCOTI-Nspire OS upgrade fileTI-Nspire CX
TCTDrawing TemplateTurboCAD for Windows
TCWNative Drawing FileTurboCAD for Windows
TDConfig from Turbo DebuggerTurbo Debugger
TD0Compressed disk image fileTeledisk
TD1Multi-part disk image fileTeledisk
TD2Configuration fileTurbo Debugger for Win32
TDDDImagine Object File FormatImagine
TDFTypeface definition file
TDFSpeedo font file
TDHHelp file for Turbo DebuggerBorland C++
TDKKeystroke recording fileTurbo Debugger
TDRContens of Arvid tape
TDSSymbol tableTurbo Debugger
TDTThumbnail dataAVCHD
TDWConfiguration fileTurbo Debugger for Windows
TECTECO macro file ("compiled" form)TECPLOT output
TELHost fileTelnet
TEMInput templateBorland C++
TEMTurbo Editor Macro Language scriptBorland C++
TERMTerminal File
TESTECO macro file (source form)TECO
TETTetris resultsDN
TEXTeX text fileIdealist
TEXTText file
TFConfigurationTurbo Profiler
TFAArea fileTurbo Profiler
TFCCatalogue fileTobi's Floppy Cataloguer
TFFself executing TansForm dialogueTansForm
TFHHelp file for Turbo ProfilerBorland C++
TFMTeX Font Metric fileIntellifont
TFMTagged font metric fileIntellifont
TFSStatistical informationTurbo Profiler
TFWESRI World File Format
TFXTagged Image File Format for Internet Fax (TIFF-FX)
TG1Project fileOn Target
TGATarga bitmapPaint.NET, many raster graphics editors
TGZArchiveWinZipNT - TAR - GNUzip
TH?Packed mailFTN software
THEWindows'95 Desktop ThemeMicrosoft Plus
THMThumbnail or Theme FilePicture Publisher, PhotoMagic, Canon Digital Cameras, and Sony Digital Cameras create these Thumbnail files; also used for Sony Ericsson Theme File, for a cell phone
THMXMicrosoft Office Theme
THNGraphic Workshop for Windows Thumbnail File
THPNintendo proprietary video formatVarious Nintendo games
THRThredWorks Embroidery FormatThred, Embroidermodder
THSThesaurus dictionaryWordPerfect for Win
TIBAcronis True Image BackupAcronis True Image
TICFTN special file with assotiated file descriptionALLFIX
TIDAVCHD Thumbnail Index File
TIFFTIFF (tagged image format file) bitmapped fileAlchemy - PhotoStyler -PageMaker - CorelDRAW
TIFWESRI World File Format
TIGERTomb Raider binaries filesUbi
TILFuzzy logic knowledge baseTogai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler
TIPDigital Signage PresentationTru-Designer, Tru-Player, Tru-Scheduler part of Tru-i Suite
TISTile setMahJongg 3.0
TJLBackup fileVAXTPU editor
TLBReference tableVAX
TLBType library VAX
TLBText libraryVAX
TLCCompiled Tool Command Language source codeSwat
TLDDisk ImageTeledisk
TLGTransaction LogIntuit QuickBooks
TLHTypelib Generated C/C++ HeaderVisual C++
TLXWebsite builderTrellix
TM2Typical Meteorological Year data (new)Typical Meteorological Year
TMCTI-Nspire OS upgrade fileTI-Nspire CM-C CAS
TMFTiVo movieTiVo
TMFTagged Font Metric fileTiVo
TMOTI-Nspire OS upgrade fileZortech C++
TMOZTG global optimizer default output fileZortech C++
TMOHandsHigh ThoughtManager OutlineZortech C++
TMPTemporary file(Several programs)
TMSTeleMate compiled scriptTeleMate
TMYTypical Meteorological Year data (old)Typical Meteorological Year
TMY2Typical Meteorological Year data (new)Typical Meteorological Year
TNCTI-Nspire OS upgrade fileTI-Nspire CAS
TNOTI-Nspire OS upgrade fileTI-Nspire
TNSTI-Nspire documentTI-Nspire series
TOCTable Of Contents text file (ASCII)
TOCGTorgaNET Diplomatic CablesState Department of Torga
TOGDatabase fileTorgaNET database file
TOKBorland C++ 4.x reserved word listBCW.EXE
TOPCTopicCrunch SEO Project file holding keywords, domain and search engine settings (ASCII)
TORRENTTORRENT FileBitTorrent clients (various)
TOSSelf-extracting file archive (Atari ST)The Only Sheet
TOSCharacter fileThe Only Sheet
TPSession-state fileTinkerPlots and Fathom Dynamic Data Software; documents contain data tables, graphs, text, pictures, etc.
TPTurbo Pascal cfg fileTinkerPlots and Fathom Dynamic Data Software; documents contain data tables, graphs, text, pictures, etc.
TPTinkerPlots DocumentTinkerPlots and Fathom Dynamic Data Software; documents contain data tables, graphs, text, pictures, etc.
TP3TemplateHarvard Graphics 3.0
TPBDownloadable PCL Soft font file backupHiJaak
TPCFile produced when an inter-Topicscape topic link file is exported to Windows3D Topicscape
TPFDownloadable PCL Soft font fileThinPrint
TPFPrint data in EMF formatThinPrint
TPHHelp fileTurbo Pascal
TPLTemplateTurbo Pascal
TPLTemplate fileTurbo Pascal
TPLResident units libraryTurbo Pascal
TPOLYDataTPOLY 3D object
TPPProtected Mode UnitsBorland Pascal 7.0
TPTDigital Signage Presentation TemplateTru-Designer, Tru-Scheduler part of Tru-i Suite
TPUCommand file (VAXTPU editor)Borland Pascal
TPUBorland Pascal DOS Mode LibraryBorland Pascal
TPWSession-state fileBorland Pascal
TPWBorland Pascal Windows LibraryBorland Pascal
TPZArchiveTAR - GNUzip
TRMan page input suitable for troff
TR2Session-state settingsTurbo Debugger for Win32
TRASHFile found during a file scan as buggedWindows
TRCDebug support filePower CTrace
TRDFile identifier filetypes definitions packageTrID file identifier filetypes definitions package
TREDirectory tree filePC-Tools
TRIADataGreg Hood's ASCII Triangle
TRIBDataGreg Hood's Binary Triangle
TRIFTiled Raster Interchange Format
TRKTrack (i.e. video sequence), used by many games
TRMTerminal settingsWindows 3.x
TRNTranslation support fileQuattro - Clarion
TRPMPEG-2 Part 1 multiplexed video streamDigital video broadcast, DVRs, video players
TRSWiSo Mein Geld 2007TRSMAIN
TRSExecutable fileTRSMAIN
TRSIBM Mainframe log fileTRSMAIN
TRUTrue Basic source file
TRWSession-state settingsTurbo Debugger for Windows
TRYTypical Meteorological Year data (variant)TRNSYS
TSMPEG Transport Stream
TSTypeScript source file
TSQt Linguist TS File
TSEDataLight Map Maker ASCII Scene
TSKMicrosoft Multimedia Task ApplicationWin95
TSLExported ScheduleTru-Scheduler part of Tru-i Suite
TSMTurbo Assembler ManualTASM for OS/2
TSTPrinter test filecan be opened with WinRAR, ExamView, and TestGen software.
TSTExamView papers and online testscan be opened with WinRAR, ExamView, and TestGen software.
TSVTab Separated Values
TTATrue Audio
TTETrueType Font fileWindows EUDC editor
TTFTrueType Font file
TU?Packed mailFTN software
TUDThe Ultimate Draw fileThe Ultimate Draw
TVTable view settingsParadox
TVFTable view settingsdBASE
TVNOverflow file above insert point in Doc nWordPerfect for Win
TWFWarp Map FileGeo Semiconductor, Inc eWarp Pro Development Took Kit
TXCTest Configuration Format
TXFTax eXchange Format
TXISupport fileTeX
TXTDocument ExtensionMicrosoft Excel
TXTCommon name for ASCII text fileMicrosoft Excel
TXTTab-Delimited Text FileMicrosoft Excel
TXWYamaha TX-16W Wave FileConvert (c) Villena
TYTiVo movieTiVo
TYMTime Stamp (PageMaker 4)PageMaker 4
TZLTanzzle pattern fileTanzzle
TZXTanzzle image fileTanzzle
U3DUniversal 3DUltimate 3D
U3DModel file formatUltimate 3D
UBRaw Unsigned Byte (8bit) dataAWAVE
UC2ArchiveUC II
UCNNew archiveUC II
UCSUnknownsoft Service Pack (mainly for Shadow OS 2009)Unknownsoft Computer Systems
UDFFilterAldus Photostyler
UDIWWWbookmark dataUdiWWW
UDLAutoCAD External Database Configuration File
UDODataMoray User Defined Object
UDWRaw Unsigned DWord dataAWAVE
UE2Encrypted archiveUC II
UEFUnified Emulator Format
UFISettingsUFO CaptureV2 settings -
UFOgraphic fileUlead Photo Impact
UHAUHarc archive
UHSUniversal Hint System (binary file)
UIEspire source code fileSprint
UIQt Designer's UI FileSprint
UIUser interfaceSprint
UIFLong prompts for windowsWordPerfect for Win
UIHEspire header fileGeoworks UI Compiler Geos
ULULAW audio file
ULDInformation about uploaded filesProcomm Plus - Datastorm Technologies, Inc.
ULFdataMRF Mapping Tool Kit Universal List Format
UMBBackup fileMemMaker
UMPUmple UML Programming Language FormatUmple
UMXUnreal Music PackageUnreal Tournament
UNFUniversal NES Image Interchange File Format
UNIFUniversal NES Image Interchange File Format
UNVText file containing finite elements nodal coordinates and more See notesOriginally used by SDRC for its I-deas software; a lot of simulation software use it today
UNXText file containing UNIX specific info
UOMLUniqueObject Markup Language (UOML) is a XML-based markup language
UOPUniform Office Format presentation
UOSUniform Office Format spreadsheet
UOTUniform Office Format text
UPDUpdate datadBASE
UPOCompiled update datadBASE
URLInternet Shortcut (URL)Windows Explorer
URTUtah Raster Toolkit
USELog file
USPPrinter font with USASCII extended character setAdobe PageMaker
USRUser database fileProcomm Plus - Turbo C++ tour
USTUTAU vocal trackUTAU
UTZMobile Phone ThemeSony Ericsson
UUEncoded file (ASCII)UUENCODE/UUDECODE - Uuencoding
UUEEncoded file (ASCII)UUENCODE/UUDECODE - Uuencoding
UWRaw Unsigned Word 16bit dataAWAVE
UWFUltraTracker WaveSampleUltraTracker
UXPSmartData ObjectSertintyONE
VVerilog source fileVivid 2.0
VCoq source fileVivid 2.0
VMain input file for an imageVivid 2.0
VConsistency check support fileVivid 2.0
V1, V2, ...Split parts of a whole fileJJSplit
V10DataGouraud Shaded Vectors
V2DVoucher design fileVoucher management included in JFire (e.g. when printing a voucher)
V8Covox 8bit fileAWAVE
VAIDokument PhotoDub
VALValues list object filedBASE Application Generator
VALValidity checks and referential integritydBASE Application Generator
VAPValue Added ProcessVBASE/40
VAPDialogic indexed adpcm voice fileVBASE/40
VARVariable fileIconAuthor
VBVisual Basic .Net source fileVisual Basic .NET
VBOXvirtual machine settings file (in XML format)VirtualBox
VBOX-EXTPACKVirtualBox extension packageVirtualBox
VBOX-PREVbackup of virtual machine settings fileVirtualBox
VBPROJVisual Basic .Net project fileVisual Basic .Net Express and Visual Studio 2003-2010 Project
VBRVisual Basic Custom Control fileVisual Basic
VBSVBScript script fileVBScript
VBXVisual Basic eXtensionVisual Basic
VBZVisual Basic Setup Wizard TemplateSetup Wizard
VCInclude file with color definitionsVisiCalc
VC6Graphite - 2D and 3D draftingAshlar-Vellum
VCAVisual Clip Art
VCDVisualCADD Drawing File
VCDVirtualDrive CD Image File
VCDValue Change Dump (Verilog) temporal database file
VCEVisual CertExam FileVCE Exam Simulator
VCLSVocaListener voice scanner fileVocaListener Plug-in (Vocaloid3)
VCRVCR drivers for Arvid
VCSVCalendar format
VCTMicrosoft FoxPro Memo
VCWVisual workbench informationMicrosoft Visual C++
VCXSpreatsheetVisiCalc Advanced
VDATarga bitmap graphicsmany raster graphics editors
VDIVirtual Disk ImageVirtualBox
VDOStory Board video imageStory Board
VDOCVector Document Filea Future Corporation Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
VDRDrawingComputerEasy Draw
VDXMicrosoft Visio XML Drawing
VEGVegas ProjectSony Vegas
VEWView fileWin
VEWGroupWise for WindowsWin
VF0Database fileOTExpert 5
VFAFontLab Database fileFontLab
VFDVirtual Floppy DiskWindows Virtual PC (among others)
VFMVentura Font Metrics fileVoter
VFMVoting FormVoter
VFNVoting Form for CustomersVoter
VGAVGA display driver
VGAVGA display font
VGDVGA display driverGeneric CADD
VGMVideo Game Music audio format
VGRGraphics fileVentura Publisher
VHDVirtual Hard DiskWindows Virtual PC (among others)
VIWatcom editor scriptLabVIEW
VIGraphics fileLabVIEW
VILabVIEW Virtual InstrumentLabVIEW
VIAVIA Document ProjectVIA Text Editor
VICARGraphics (Video Image Communication and Retrieval)
VIDScreen device driver
VIDMS-DOS Shell Monitor file
VIDGraphics format
VIDBitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer)
VIFFKhoros Visualization Image File FormatSDSC Image Tool
VIKGraphics format (VIKING)
VIMVim script fileVim text editor
VINFdataReMPEG log file - frames info
VIRVirus or infected file
VISVIS graphics file
VLMVellum, Vellum 2D, Vellum Draft, Vellum 3D, DrawingBoardNetware
VLMVirtual Loadable ModuleNetware
VLOGOVector Logo Filea Future Corporation Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
VLWVLW Font File
VMVirtual Memory fileGeoworks
VMCVirtual memory configurationDOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender
VMDKVirtual Disk fileVMware
VMFFont characteristicsVentura Publisher
VMGNokia message file formatText Message Editor (Nokia PC Suite)
VMLVector Markup Language
VMSText file containing VMS specific info
VMTSource Engine resource fileSource Engine
VOInclude file with object definitionVivid 2.0
VOBVideo ObjectDVD-R, DVD-RW
VOCSound format (Creative Lab's Sound File)PlayVoc
VOFObject folderVZ Programmer
VOLSafeGuard Encrypted Virtual Disk
VOPVisual OTTHYMO Project
VOPVisual Orangator Project
VOXDialogic adpcm fileAWAVE, CoolEdit
VP3DS Video posting3D Studio
VPFVector Product Format
VPGGraphics fileVPGraphics
VPHVirtual Pascal HelpVP/OS2
VPIVirtual Pascal UnitVP/OS2
VPMGarmin Voice Processing Module
VPPVisual Paradigm ProjectVisual Paradigm for UML
VQAVector Quantized AnimationThe Legend of Kyrandia
VQMHardware description languageAltera
VRMVisual rexx sourceQuattroPro
VRMOverlay fileQuattroPro
VRMLVirtual Reality Modeling LanguageNetScape
VRSVideo Resource e.g. video device driverWordPerfect
VSInclude file with surface definitionAshlar-Vellum
VSVellum SolidsAshlar-Vellum
VSDVisio drawingShapeware Visio
VSDDiagramShapeware Visio
VSDMMicrosoft Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing
VSDXMicrosoft Visio Drawing
VSMVisual Simulation ModelVisSim
VSQVocal synthesizer track dataVocaloid2, Vocaloid3
VSQXVocal synthesizer track dataVocaloid3
VSSVisio TemplateShapeware Visio
VSSSmartShapes fileShapeware Visio
VSSMMicrosoft Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil
VSSXMicrosoft Visio Stencil
VSTVisio Templatemany raster graphics editors
VSTTruevision Vista graphicsmany raster graphics editors
VSTMMicrosoft Visio Macro-Enabled Template
VSTOMicrosoft Office add-in fileMicrosoft Visual Studio
VSTXMicrosoft Visio Template
VTFSource Engine resource fileSource Engine
VUEView3D Studio
VUEAnimation3D Studio
VWText fileVolksWriter
VWRFile viewer filePC Tools
VWXCAD FileVectorWorks 2008
VXDWindows 3.x virtual device driverWindows 3.x
VZTTemporal database fileGTKWave data file
WWord chart fileAPPLAUSE
W01Yamaha SY-series wave filesAWAVE
W01Yamaha TX16W wave fileAWAVE
W30Printer fontAST TurboLaser - Ventura Publisher
W31Startup fileWindows 3.1
W3AWarcraft III Abilities Export FileContained in a Warcraft III map
W3BWarcraft III Destructables Export FileContained in a Warcraft III map
W3DWarcraft III Doodads Export File
W3DWestwood 3D object format
W3DShockwave 3D object format
W3GWarcraft III Replay FileFile for Warcraft III
W3HWarcraft III Buffs Export FileContained in a Warcraft III map
W3MWarcraft III MapFile for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
W3NWarcraft III CampaignFile for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
W3OWarcraft III Object Data Export FileContained in a Warcraft III map
W3PWarcraft III SaveSave File for Warcraft III
W3QWarcraft III Upgrades Export FileContained in a Warcraft III map
W3TWarcraft III Item Export FileContained in a Warcraft III map
W3UWarcraft III Unit Export FileContained in a Warcraft III map
W3VWarcraft III SaveSave File for Warcraft III
W3XWarcraft III Expansion MapFile for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
W3ZWarcraft III SaveSave File for Warcraft III
W40renamed system files (AUTOEXEC.BAT, COMMAND.COM, CONFIG.SYS,DBLSPACE.BIN.DRVSPACE.BIN,MSDOS.SYS) of Windows versionWindows 95, 98, ME (dual-boot feature)
W44Temporary file for Sort or IndexdBASE
W50WordPerfect for MS-DOS Document
W51WordPerfect for MS-DOS/Windows Document
W52WordPerfect for Windows Document
W60WordPerfect for MS-DOS/Windows Document
W64Sonic Foundry WAVE 64
W95Something for Windows95Win95
WADNintendo proprietary format for Wii channels, menus, etc.Doom - Doom2
WADWhere's All the Data?Doom - Doom2
WAFInternet Explorer for Mac cache file
WAGYard Contents FileFYM
WAIWarcraft III AI Data FileWarcraft III AI Data File
WARJava Web ArchiveA Java file format used to package and deploy web applications
WASProComm Script File (source code)ProComm
WAVSound format (Microsoft Windows RIFF WAVE)Media Player
WAXWindows Media Audio ShortcutWavexpress TVTonic
WAXProComm compiled scriptWavexpress TVTonic
WAXTVTonic WAX video packagingWavexpress TVTonic
WB1NotebookQuattro Pro
WB2SpreadsheetQuattro Pro
WB3Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
WBFMicrosoft Windows Batch FileCatch
WBKDocument/workbook or Microsoft Word backup fileWordPerfect for Win or Microsoft Word
WBMPWireless Bitmap
WBTWilsonware Batch fileNorton Desktop
WBTNorton DesktopNorton Desktop
WCDMacro token listWordPerfect for Win
WCDCondes Event Data fileWordPerfect for Win
WCHWordPerfect Macro FacilityWP
WCMData transmission fileWordPerfect for Win
WCMMacroWordPerfect for Win
WCPProduct information descriptionWordPerfect for Win
WDInfoSelect Data file
WDBWorld DatabaseMicrosoft Works
WDBDatabaseMicrosoft Works
WDMAdmin tool connection definitionWar FTP
WDPJPEG Extended Range
WE?Packed mailFTN software
WEBWEB source code fileWeb Easy Professional
WEBARCHIVEApple Safari Webarchive
WEBOOGLWeb Object Oriented Graphics Library
WFBTurtle Beach WaveFront BankAWAVE
WFDTurtle Beach WaveFront DrumAWAVE
WFMForm objectdBASE Form Designer
WFPTurtle Beach WaveFront Prog.AWAVE
WFTWeb Family TreeGRAMPS
WFXData fileWinfax
WG1WorksheetLotus 1-2-3/G
WG2WorksheetLotus 1-2-3 for OS/2
WICorel Wavelet Compressed Bitmap
WIDWidth tableVentura Publisher
WIFITorga OS Wifi Settings Database14th Information Division (Torga)
WIKIWiki markup (various flavors)Wikis
WIMWindows Imaging FormatImageX
WINWindow fileFoxPro - dBASE
WIXWindows Installer XMLWiX
WIZPage wizardMicrosoft Publisher
WK1SpreadsheetLotus 1-2-3 version 2.x - Lotus Symphony 1.1+
WK2Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet
WK3SpreadsheetLotus 1-2-3 version 3.x
WK4SpreadsheetLotus 1-2-3 version 3.4
WKBDocumentWordPerfect for Win
WKESpreadsheetLotus 1-2-3 educational version
WKFVISI Working fileVero Software
WKISpreadsheet formatLotus 123 2x
WKSWorkspaceLotus 1-2-3 version 1A - Lotus Symphony 1.0, Microsoft Works
WKSSpreadsheetLotus 1-2-3 version 1A - Lotus Symphony 1.0, Microsoft Works
WKZSpreadsheet formatDos Navigator
WLDVerity Collection Word List Descriptor Style Set
WLKWalk Through for any gameVirtus Walkthrough
WLKGraphicsVirtus Walkthrough
WMAWindows Media Audio audio file
WMCText fileMathCad
WMCMacro fileMathCad
WMCBackup of startup files by Windows MathCad autoexec.wmcMathCad
WMDBWindows Media Player databaseWindows Media Player
WMFWindows MetaFile vector graphics
WMOWoW Map ObjectBlizzard Entertainment games (World of Warcraft/Warcraft series)
WMPGraphics (Windows Magic Icon Palette)
WMVWindows Media Video video file
WMXWindows Media Metafile
WNTextNeXT WriteNow
WNFCorel Draw Font FileCorelDraw
WOASwap fileWindows 3.x
WOCOrganizationWindows OrgChart
WOFFWeb Open Font Format
WOWMusic (8 channels)Grave Mod Player
WPWord Perfect FormatWP
WP5DocumentWordPerfect 5.x
WP6WordPerfect for MS-DOS/Windows Document
WPDWindows printer driver (uninstallable)WordPerfect 6.0 - PFS:WindowWorks
WPDDocumentWordPerfect 6.0 - PFS:WindowWorks
WPGWordPerfect Graphics vector graphicsDrawPerfect
WPJWatcom C/C++ IDE projectIDE.EXE
WPKMacrosWordPerfect for Win
WPLWindows Media PlaylistWindows Media Player
WPLMediaRack Wave PlaylistWindows Media Player
WPSText documentMicrosoft Works
WQ!Compressed spreadsheetQuattro Pro
WQ1SpreadsheetQuattro Pro
WQ2Quattro Pro Spreadsheet for DOS
WR1SpreatsheetLotus Symphony 1.1 - 1.2 - 2
WRIWrite editor formatWrite - WinWord
WRKSpreadsheetLotus Symphony 1.0
WRPArchiveAmiga WARP
WRSWindows Resource e.g. might indicate error if word cannot openWordPerfect for Win
WSText file
WSAPL Worksheet
WS2Text fileWordStar 2000
WS3WordStar for MS-DOS Document
WS4WordStar for MS-DOS Document
WS5WordStar for MS-DOS Document
WS6WordStar for MS-DOS Document
WS7WordStar for MS-DOS Document
WSFWindows Script FileMicrosoft Windows Script Host
WSPWorkspaceFortran PowerStation
WSQWavelet-packet Scalar Quantization Format
WSRCX-wais source
WSTText fileWordStar
WSWWordStar for Windows Document
WTFWorld of Warcraft Data File
WTFWinTaper Data
WTRWorking Timetable rules fileSimsig
WTTWorking Timetable timings fileSimsig
WVXWindows Media Metafile
WWBButton bar for document windowWordPerfect for Win
WWFWWF Document Format
WWKKeyboard layoutWordPerfect for Win
WXHProgram/Script FileWaxHtml Web Programming Language
WXPDocumentEXP for Windows
WZWizet game archive fileWizet/Nexon MapleStory
WZAEncrypted archive fileDepartment of Defense Encryption Wizard (Public Edition)
XXBasic Source code fileX1.EXE
XLEX source code fileX1.EXE
XAVS X image fileX1.EXE
XDirectX 3D objectX1.EXE
X00ESRI Arc/Info Export File
X3Dx3d and xdart Formats
X3FSigma RAW Image
XAXA audio fileused in SimCity 3000 by Maxis, also by Sony PlayStation
XARXara graphics fileFiles created by Xara Photo & Graphic Designer (formerly Xara Xtreme and Xara Studio); early versions used the extension ART
XBEXbox ExecutableXbox
XBFXAML Binary Format
XBMX11 Bitmap graphics file
XCFGimp image fileThe Gimp
XCKExtended crack file (usually text)
XCLXtree for Windows Script fileXtree for Win
XDFOS/2 extended disk format imageXDFCOPY.EXE
XDMDirectory Manipulator for 32-bit Protected ModeXenotech Research Labs
XEXenon - for Associative 3D ModelingAshlar-Vellum
XEXXbox 360 Executable File
XFNPrinter fontXerox 4045 - Ventura Publisher
XFRVentura Publisher Bitmap Editor Font file
XFT24 pin printer fontChiWriter
XIFast Tracker 2 instrument fileFastracker 2.0
XIFastracker 2.0 Instrument FileFastracker 2.0
XIFXerox Image FormatPagis Pro 2.0 and 3.0
XISBExtensible Image Serialization Format (XISF data blocks file)PixInsight (see XISF 1.0 Specification)
XISFExtensible Image Serialization Format (monolithic XISF file)PixInsight (see XISF 1.0 Specification)
XISHExtensible Image Serialization Format (XISF header file)PixInsight (see XISF 1.0 Specification)
XLAAdd-in macro
XLAMMicrosoft Excel Macro-Enabled Add-In
XLBMicrosoft Excel ToolbarMicrosoft Excel
XLBLextensible Business Reporting LanguageBusiness Reporting
XLCMicrosoft Excel ChartMicrosoft Excel
XLDMicrosoft Excel DialogMicrosoft Excel
XLFExtensible LADAR FormatLadarSIM
XLGAutoCAD Xref Log
XLKMicrosoft Excel ArchiveMicrosoft Excel
XLLMicrosoft Excel Dynamic Link LibraryMicrosoft Excel
XLMMicrosoft Excel Macro FileMicrosoft Excel
XLRMicrosoft WorksMicrosoft Works
XLSMicrosoft Excel SpreadsheetMicrosoft Excel
XLSBMicrosoft Excel 2007 Binary Workbook (BIFF12)(Spreadsheets)Microsoft Excel 2007 (see Microsoft Office 2007 file extensions)
XLSMMicrosoft Excel 2007 Macro-Enabled Workbook (Spreadsheets)Microsoft Excel 2007 (see Microsoft Office 2007 file extensions)
XLSXOffice Open XML Workbook (Spreadsheets)Microsoft Excel 2007 (see Microsoft Office 2007 file extensions)
XLTTranslation tableMicrosoft Excel
XLTMicrosoft Excel TemplateMicrosoft Excel
XLTMMicrosoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template
XLTXMicrosoft Excel Template
XLVMicrosoft Excel ModuleMicrosoft Excel
XLWMicrosoft Excel WorkbookMicrosoft Excel
XMFast Tracker 2 extended moduleFastTracker - Cubic Player
XMMusic formatFastTracker - Cubic Player
XMCAssisted contact lists file format, based on xml and used in kindergartens and schoolsClassmates iPhone app
XMCDMathcad Document
XMFeXtensible Music Format
XMICompressed eXtended MIdi music
XMLeXtensible Markup Language file
XMODMonarch ModelMonarch Professional
XMPExtensible Metadata Platform Packet
XMPZXML Miradi Project ZipfileMiradi
XNFStandard Network File form
XNKshortcut Microsoft Outlookshortcut to Outlook entities
XNNSecondary indexesBorland Paradox
XOSMPixInsight Project FilePixInsight
XPeXtended PatternFastTracker 2.0
XPLX-Plane system fileLaminar research
XPMX11 Pixel Map graphics file
XPOMicrosoft Dynamics AX Export file
XPSOpen XML Paper Specification / OpenXPSopen standard document format initially created by Microsoft and similar in concept to Adobe PDF files
XPTStatistical Analysis System Catalogue XPT (Windows)
XQTExecutable fileSuperCalc
XQTMacro sheetSuperCalc
XSDXML schema description
XSFdataMicrosoft InfoPath file
XSFdataMicrosoft InfoPath file
XSLExtensible Stylesheet Language
XSPFXML Sharable Playlist Format
XTBExternal translation tableLocoScript
XTGQuark Xpress Report File
XTPXTreeGold overlayXTreeGold
XVFXyngo Video FileXyngo Video Board
XWDXerox DocuWorks file (RTF internal?)SDSC Image Tool
XWDX Window System window dump image graphics fileSDSC Image Tool
XWKKeyboard mappingCrosstalk
XWMAMicrosoft xWMA
XWPSessionXerox Writer
XWPText fileXerox Writer
XXXSinger Embroidery FormatEmbroidermodder
XYText fileXY Write
XY3Text fileXYWrite III
XY4XYWrite Document
XYPXYWrite Document
XYWText fileXyWrite III
XYZMolecular coordinatesXMol, RasMol
XYZERadiance RGBE Image Format
XZa lossless data compression file format incorporating the LZMA/LZMA2 compression algorithms.xz
YYACC grammar fileYabba
YArchive (Amiga)Yabba
YALData custom/nature.yalArts & Letters
YAMLYaml source fileYAML (data serialization language)
YLIBYookoo Music Library Backup FileYookoo Media Player
YMPYast Meta PackageYAST2 (SUSE Linux Package Manager)
YNNSecondary indexBorland Paradox
YOOKOOYookoo PlaylistYookoo Media Player
YRDYard Tracks FileFYM
YSTRaytracer sceneYASRT Raytracer scene
YUVGraphics format (YUV)
YYBison grammar fileBison
ZArchiveWinZipNT - compress - pack
Z01-Z99Split WinRAR Archive
Z2SZoo Tycoon 2 saved gameAny game in the Zoo Tycoon 2 series
Z3Infocom game module
Z3DZmodeler-fileZmodeler 1 & 2
Z64Nintendo 64 ROMProject64 Nintendo 64 emulator
Z80SnapshotZX Spectrum emulator by g.a.lunter
ZADZFax digitized voice fileZFax
ZARGOUML model project fileArgoUML
ZCCCutpath for Zund digital cutting systemsZund Cut Center
ZDGCompressed ZiffNet text documentZ-view
ZEDBitTorrent LinkPodmailing
ZERData file
ZEXPZope export file
ZIFZoomable Image Format
ZIPArchivePKZip - WinZip - Mac OS X
ZOOZoo Tycoon saved gameAny game in the Zoo Tycoon (first) series
ZSScript for Minecraft mod MineTweakerMinetweaker Minecraft Mod
ZURHigh level compressed file
ZUZCost estimating fileZUZIA ZUZIAbim
ZYPReason Subtractor Patch FilePropellerhead Reason
ZZTZZT WorldAny world created using the ZZT editor
ΜMetrowerks Codewarrior project
ΠTHINK C project